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Unread posts

Can't find it!!!

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  1. seems to have disappeared

    1. Found mine by clicking on View profile (upper right corner) after logging in, then click on following (above the threads) and unread posts.

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      1. re: Stephanie Wong

        Does this mean the "hot posts" (unread) grouped by individual boards has disappeared? For example, http://www.chow.com/new_posts/3 will no longer bring up my unread posts for just the CA board. Same thing for SF and BC ( /1 and /85).

        1. re: PolarBear

          The main page is at http://www.chow.com/new_posts. And I guess for individual boards, just plug the board number into here http://www.chow.com/new_posts?board_i...

          1. re: PolarBear

            This was a slight oversight with regard to that link. We did a lot of housekeeping in that regard, and should be able to restore that pattern fairly easily. In the mean time, you can get to that page via /new_posts?board_id=3

            1. re: Engineering

              Thanks ChrisVR and Eng, I'll just keep my current links set up until you get things worked out. Thanks for all you do, BTW.



          2. re: Stephanie Wong

            Since yesterday (10-12-11), can't get into any unread posts following my usual method:


            Instead I get: "Application Error"

            CHOW: Food. Drink. Fun.
            There's been a slight problem...

            Sorry, something's not working with this page. The CHOW team has been notified and will check it out.
            If there's something else we can provide in the meantime, please try searching:

            *Go to CHOW
            *Go to Chowhound
            *Go back to the previous page

            1. re: Stephanie Wong

              I don't know when it started, but I can't see them now, either.

              1. re: Stephanie Wong

                Same problem for the last few days. Running Firefox.

                1. re: Aromatherapy

                  still having problem on a MAC using Firefox, on an iPod wifi using Safari, and on a PC using Internet Explorer.

                  1. re: Stephanie Wong

                    Yep, same thing, still here too, and it's starting to drive me nuts! It doesn't strike me as a browser-related problem, but I'm using IE8 under Windows XP at the moment.

            2. Ok, Back to normal...almost. After marking a post as read site returns to "All of chowhound" posts instead of just the empty topic that was just read. The old way helped me keep track of where I was on the site. Don't like the new way. :/

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              1. re: shaebones

                "After marking a post as read site returns to "All of chowhound" posts instead of just the empty topic that was just read. The old way helped me keep track of where I was on the site. Don't like the new way."


                Is this changed behavior intentional?

                1. re: meatme

                  No, this shouldn't be bouncing you around like this. We'll look into it, our apologies for the inconvenience in the mean time.

                  1. re: Engineering

                    Thank you, can't wait to get back to the old system. Its still sending me back to "All of chowhound"

                    1. re: Engineering

                      Same here, appreciate your efforts.

                      1. re: Engineering

                        Still taking me back to "All of chowhound" after marking a topic thread as read. Can this be ifxed?

                          1. re: shaebones

                            Thank you engineering for fixing this.

                            1. re: meatme

                              Seems to be working properly today.

                      2. Now it's not working at all. :/

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                        1. re: shaebones

                          I'm having the same issue. It's frustrating to the MAX.

                          1. re: shaebones

                            Strange, something unrelated seems to have gone wrong. Our apologies for the repeat performance, we should have it running again in the near future.

                            1. re: Engineering

                              Why not have an easily identifiable icon that users could click on that would take them to their unread posts?

                              The unintuitive method that you have right now is not user-friendly.

                              1. re: Engineering

                                My "Unread Posts" has been doing crazy things lately including showing me the unread posts for a different username even though I was logged in as myself.

                            2. Having this aspect of chowhound malfunctioning makes the site pretty unbearable to sift through..I hope its fixed soon.

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                              1. re: shaebones

                                Can someone please address this issue. At least to say you are working on it. Chowhound is unusable.

                                1. re: shaebones

                                  Engineering has replied to the thread indicating that they're working on the issue.

                                  1. re: Jacquilynne

                                    That was over two weeks ago, so obviously they are not working too hard on it.

                                    1. re: StriperGuy

                                      The most recent reply was on Friday and indicates that it was a new problem that cropped up since the start of this thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/8099...

                                      1. re: Jacquilynne

                                        Okay, I hear ya, I'll behave now ;-).

                                        1. re: Jacquilynne

                                          "The most recent reply was on Friday and indicates that it was a new problem that cropped up since the start of this thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/8099...

                                          Permalink | Report | Reply
                                          By Jacquilynne on Oct 17, 2011 11:47AM"

                                          I sure didn't read that in your reference.

                                          Also, are you really suggesting that the problem didn't exist when it was first reported back in September? that it started afterwards?

                                          1. re: DPGood

                                            There was initially a problem with the link having changed, which Engineering responded to a couple of weeks ago.

                                            Then, there was a more recent problem with the whole Unread Posts function being broken, which they responded to on Friday indicating they were working on getting it fixed again.

                                            So, two different problems, both of them real.

                                            1. re: Jacquilynne

                                              Thnx for the update--good luck resolving the issues.

                                  1. It seems to be working now -- cross fingers!

                                      1. Hi everyone,

                                        Yep, we got this fixed this afternoon. But I do have to warn you that this is one of those features on the profile page that we are considering changing down the line as we try to clean up the usability on that page. Can you tell me exactly what you are looking for when you go to unread posts and why you are unable to find that in any other way? Or what aspect of unread posts you want to make sure we retain if we do re-organize that page? I ask because if we can figure out a way to take care of your needs with it, we will. We certainly don't want to get rid of useful functionality. But at the same time something as odd as a list of all of the posts users haven't read on a site as large as Chowhound seems more than a little suspicious to some of us who are working to streamline functionality.

                                        Merely the fact that I am wading into these shark waters should tell you how important making that profile page work well is to me! And considering how janky, er, un-user-friendly, the profile page currently is, I am hoping there is nowhere to go but up, as long as we make sure we take into account the functionality users need.

                                        Thank you, Meredith of CHOW

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                                        1. re: mudaba

                                          I like the unread posts tab just the way it is. I especially like the mark all topics as read feature. When unread posts isn't working I select Cowhound at the top which defaults to unread posts but lacks the mark as read feature.

                                          Since you've waded into these muddy waters. I find the Following/Reading List feature incomprehensible and useless.

                                          1. re: mudaba

                                            It is THE most used feature of hardcore hounds. They just want to see what is new in a long thread.

                                            1. re: mudaba

                                              I still much prefer, after marking "All as Read" on a board, being returned to My Activity/Threads and not the unread page for the entire site which I find worthless. This allows me to quickly check at a glance looking for the "New" icon for something I may have missed on the boards that I do not check on a regular basis.

                                              Thanks for asking and for all your efforts.



                                              1. re: PolarBear

                                                Hi Dave, That is what we were thinking as well. Why would people want to look at the unread page for the entire site? It seems like the type of usability from another era, when the site was much smaller and that would actually mean something. What I am hearing is that people definitely need and want the "mark all as read" feature, and they need the ability to navigate to a place where they can see new posts on the boards they follow.

                                                Does anyone use the Following/Reading list feature and if so, how often?

                                                Thanks, Meredith of CHOW

                                                1. re: mudaba

                                                  I have only a number of boards saved on my profile page.

                                                  A typical 'hound visit will be: profile page, saved boards, unread posts. Cause ya never know what interesting NEW things might be going down on those other boards.

                                                  PLEASE keep it, I'm so happy it's working again....

                                                  1. re: mudaba

                                                    >>> Does anyone use the Following/Reading list feature and if so, how often?

                                                    Almost never.

                                                    I went into detail about how significant hot posts is in another reply. But to exapand a but a few examples of topics I never would have known were there because they are not on the boards I follow

                                                    The Good Folks at Crisco and the Art of Cast-iron Seasoning.

                                                    Kobocha squash and its texture

                                                    Trader Joe's Kosher Specialties?

                                                    Paris Restaurant Itinerary: A Report

                                                    I would NEVER check the Kosher board, but I find that interesting.

                                                    I travel a bit and it is nice to have a daily way to see what might be interesting to me in areas I might not usually read until that last paniced board search before leaving on a trip.

                                                    There are all sorts of reasons why this is such a wonderful, interesting and useful feature.

                                                    1. re: mudaba

                                                      A useful replacement for the unread page for the entire site would be a page displaying unread posts for the boards that the user has chosen for Show Saved Boards (up at the top of the page).

                                                  2. re: mudaba

                                                    Hot Posts made me fall in love with Chowhound.

                                                    It is a way to see topics on boards you usually never visit and learn things you never imagined you needed to know.

                                                    I wish the Chow staff would use hot posts for a while to see its value.

                                                    1. FRONT AND CENTER . REMOVE THE TIMER

                                                    There was a two hour time-out when the site convereted. I use chowhound by signing on in the morning and leaving that window open. I might not get back for a few hours. When I hit "older posts" I get the message "no unread posts".

                                                    If anything, up the time-out if there has to be one to eight or more hours.

                                                    2. Call it Hot Posts again

                                                    Unread posts is confusing. Call it anything else. To most people it looks just like their profile page and they don't comprehend the beauty of this feature.

                                                    And it might be nice if you do change the name, ask Chowhounds what the proposed tab would be called and if that is meaningful.

                                                    3. FEATURE it

                                                    It was pushed on the original site. Put it in a sidebar like Chow digest so it catches peoples attention.

                                                    4. Put in original post date. If you can't fit both, original post would be better

                                                    Why in heaven's name would it be suspicious?. It is almost like the index of a book. It says what is out there. I guarantee it will generate MORE hits to the site. I don't read Chowhound as much anymore since Hot Posts became so difficult to use.

                                                    For all the talk on Chow about "Eating being social". The promotion and use of Hot Posts did a lot to create community. You rubbed virtual shoulders with posters you might never meet on your home board and shared conversations you might not otherwis.

                                                    1. re: rworange

                                                      What she said. And I never use the reading/following feature.

                                                    2. re: mudaba

                                                      I actually think I contribute far less to the boards now than I did when "hot posts" was only a click away. It was the first page I went to after checking my profile page. In one place, I could see what had been happening in the past few hours or past few days without having to check individually each of the five boards I most frequent. It's not a question of being unable to find it another way, it's a question of being able to find it quickly and easily. One click instead of five or more. To say nothing of the serendipity of coming across something truly interesting on a board you don't usually frequent. And I checked "hot posts" often enough so that there was rarely more than a page or two to scroll through--unless, of course, I'd been away from CH for an extended period of time.

                                                      I'd love to see it come back, preferably with just a single click from my profile page. I don't have any "people I'm reading," so to have to go through that tab to get to unread posts was an inconvenience. But at least I could get there. Perhaps my reliance on "hot posts" is just an indication of how long I've been hanging around here. But I miss it terribly.

                                                      1. re: JoanN

                                                        Try putting the link to your favorite boards' hot post in the menu bar of your browser, I have my home page set to open the CA board hotposts, in the menu bar I have in order, the regular CA board (in case I wish to add a post or navigate to another board that I don't use frequently) then the HP links for the Wine, British Columbia, and SFboards, all a single click away. I used to keep New Orleans and DC there, but don't travel there as much anymore. Hope this helps.



                                                        1. re: PolarBear

                                                          I just don't think I should have to clutter up my bookmark toolbar with more than half a dozen bookmarks in order to be able to do, less effectively and efficiently, what I used to be able to do with a single click from my profile page.

                                                        2. re: JoanN

                                                          Suddenly the "Mark all as read" is returning me to the whole-board hot posts (when I'm in hot posts for a particular board--bookmarks working again).

                                                      2. There are about 10-12 boards that I follow religiously and only visit others if I'm traveling, etc. What I'd LOVE is the ability to limit the unread posts area to just those 10-12 boards that I always read. It seems like this should be doable but I've tried and never seem to come up w/a way to make it happen.

                                                        1. "After marking a post as read site returns to "All of chowhound" posts instead of just the empty topic that was just read. The old way helped me keep track of where I was on the site. Don't like the new way."

                                                          This is STILL happening. I thought engineering was addressing this issue.

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