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Sep 29, 2011 09:05 PM

hakka chopsticks

walked by a hakka place on the danforth, just west of victoria park. i think it was called hakka chopsticks. has anyone tried it?

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  1. aren't they a franchise? I could've sworn I went to a place called Chopsticks in Mississauga like 10 years ago, and they were a Hakka restaurant.

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    1. Definitely not a franchise. Pretty darned good too based on what I just brought home. House fish, crispy beef, ginger chicken and Manchurian paneer. Only problem, and this more to do with my ordering than the resto, was that most everything was fried.

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        yup, been going for lunch lately and the food i have had is pretty decent. i've had the hot and sour eggplant, and the chili paneer as part of the lunch deal which also comes with a bottle of water and some fried rice. they also hve free soup that you can get for yourself from a big pot by the front.

      2. The best Hakka food to die for! I highly recommend that you try it and you will want to go back for more!
        Prices are not at all bad and you can ask for the lunch or dinner special which is just around $7.00 and quantity is huge!