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Sep 29, 2011 06:21 PM

15th Anniversary Old Montreal Suggestions/ Great Beer


We'll be in Montreal in October for 3 nights for our anniversary, staying in old Montreal at the hotel Nelligan. I've seen older posts regarding this area, but wondering about restaurants nearby for romantic dining/good food. We're arriving on a Thursday, planning on APDC on Friday for the glutinous joy of excess. Wondering about Bonaparte, Bistro Boris, L'Orignal, L’Autre Version, Le Bourlingueur, and the hotel restaurant Verses. Any thoughts/suggestions as to which two of these or other suggestions would be a great dining/romantic evening? We've eaten a Toque when we visited 9 years ago, and had a great experience there and at La Chronique, which was amazing, but we'd like to try other places that are great and if possible reasonably priced and easily accessible from our location.

We'd also be excited for recommendations for great beer places with good food for lunches as well.


Le Bourlingueur
, Gaspe, QC G4X, CA

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  1. For a great dining and romantic evening, Club Chasse et Peche. No question. None of the ones on your list are worth bothering with IMHO (although I don't know about L'Orignal - haven't heard much about it lately).

    1. Boris Bistro is great in the summertime because of its lovely terrasse but the food is meh. I think Le Bourlingueur is one of those tourist trappy Old Mtl places, but not sure.

      1. The best restaurant in the Old-Montreal right now is probably Les 400 Coups. It's without a doubt my new favorite in town. And what's more romantic than finishing a meal with a dessert made by one of the best pastry chef this country has ;)

        Another one receiving lot of praise is the newly opened Osteria Venti, but I have not been yet.

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          I was not impressed with my visit to 400 coups albeit lunch so suggest you stay with the choice of Club Chasse et Peche for a sure thing. I think the problem is all these restaurants are doing well but just that many of us on the board do not go to Old Montreal to eat so hard to comment. You might want to check other boards where tourists who do eat in Old Montreal post their critiques.

          1. re: wilmagrace

            Actually Wilmagrace you would be very wrong about that. If you read the board, you will see that many of us (myself included) certainly do go to Old Montreal to eat - just not at the tourist joints. We may not dine there as frequently as we do at our neighbourhood restos, but we still go there regularly. Personally, I would never rely on recommendations from a board only where tourists post their critiques for restaurants - what are they using as a comparison? Do they know what most other Montreal restaurants are like? For hotels, yes - for restaurants, definitely not.