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Sep 29, 2011 05:43 PM

Kinda divey, in or near Rhinebeck?

Wow, reading thru all the posts, it seems like everything in the Rhinebeck area is kind of high-end...I'm meeting up with a bunch of fiber (the wool kind) hounds who want to keep all their money to spend on yarn at the Wool and Sheep Festival...I'm looking for a place like a bar with decent food where we could hang out for a while, drink and eat...Does such a place exist? I guess we could do a pizza place if necessary, but the backroom of a pub, or a pub itself would be great. help me hounds; I need to made the food part of this experience too!
Ethnic is okay, really good, even!

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      1. re: galleygirl

        I would grab a bite to eat at Eveready diner 6595 Route 9, it's across the street from the fairgrounds and the food is good. Do your drinking at Fosters, Fosters food is not decent it's pretty terrible. Eveready seems only to have a website for the Hyde Park location

    1. The bistro side of Terrapin is not a dive but it is definitely not high end or high priced. Decent burgers and sandwiches and they even have a tapas menu if you want to share several small plates. Good wine and beer list, too.

      1. Well, the net-net is that we ended up at Foster's. Maybe because I went in with pretty low expectations, (and I told all the guests "This is about a place to hang, not the food") I was pleasantly surprised.

        First of all, they reserved me their downstairs dining room for up to 40 people, with no advance payment or credit card required. They understood we'd have people coming and going, some just drinking, some eating, some picking at apps. They assigned us two extremely good humored servers of our own, for the duration, and the only caveat was a mandatory 20%, totally reasonable. And it made it much easier at the end; no quibbling needed!

        The wine and beer were cheap, the bottles readily available, and I have to say, my Ceasar salad with grilled salmon on top more than satisfied. It was an entree-sized portion of salmon fillet, center cut, served rare as requested with the dressing on the side (and they actually did that!) I'm picky, and the salmon was fresh, not frozen. Others got french dip sandwiches, Thanksgiving dinners, seafood plates, lots of orders of potato skins; basic bar food. But none of it tasted like it came from the Sysco truck, so they got the big thumbs up from me.

        And they produced a room that we could reserve less than a week before on what has to be one of their busiest weekends of the year. I earned the undying gratitude of my group by just having a place to flop into, without waiting in lines, at the end of an exhausting day...So, thanks hounds!