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Sep 29, 2011 05:15 PM

A Unique Long Island Wedding

I have a somewhat unusual request. I am from Long Island originally but have lived on Boston for all of my adult life. My boyfriend and I are planning a wedding on Long Island for the Fall of 2012 and I am having some trouble finding a unique venue. I'm simply not knowledgeable after so many years away... and the thought of getting married in one of the many interchangeable Long Island Catering Halls is enough to make me want to elope!

Food is very important to both my boyfriend and I and will be a focal point of our wedding. We would also like our reception venue to be unique and interesting... somewhere slightly unusual. Perhaps a restaurant? I think that it would be really cool to have a reception at a great restaurant that looks great, has enough room for 75 or so guests to drink, dine and dance and that also serves great food. Reasonable prices would be a plus of course!

So please have pity on this wayward Long Islander and tell me.... where shoud I get married????

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  1. The big thing now is vineyard weddings, you can usually bring in your own caterer. Fall is the perfect time for that. Do you want to come out to the North Fork? It's a beautiful destination and there are some nice restaurants and even catering halls like Georgios in Baiting Hollow that are something different than the rest of Long Island for you and your guests to look forward to.

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    1. I went to a wedding at Raphael Vineyard in Peconic and the food and venue were fantastic. In Nassau, Carltun on the Park and The Royalton at Roslyn Country Club are gorgeous and have good food.

      1. Since, I presume, some guests will be coming from Boston the North Fork of LI is your best bet. It's about 90 minutes to the New London ferry from Boston. Most of the North Fork vineyards host weddings. East Wind in Baiting Hollow/Wading River has an adjacent hotel and gets great reviews. Not so good reviews for Giorgio's.
        The newest hotel, Hyatt, is connected to the aquarium in Riverhead and hosts weddings. You can even book part of the aquarium for the event. It's lovely.

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          I attended a wedding at East Wind last year and the hotel and grounds were lovely, but I was unimpressed with most of the food.

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            My son and I went to wineries, and we were very impressed by Sparkling Pointe in Southold as a good place to have a wedding or other celebration...very bright and airy, looked like a great place. (I'm not a big fan of sparkling wines, so it wouldn't be fair for me to talk about that. Tasted OK to me, but its just not my kind of wine.) But the place itself would be wonderful for a not too large wedding or Bar Mitzvah.