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Sep 29, 2011 04:57 PM

Le Creuset 5.5 qt. round AND and a 4.5 qt. oval - too much?

OK, I tried to help on the 5.5 qt. round with the 4.25 soup pot thread. Now I have a similar dilemma. I'm sitting here staring at a gorgeous 5.5 Dijon round oven and an equally gorgeous 4.5 qt. oval Caribbean oven. I'm trying to justify keeping it by telling myself they are different shapes and a one quart size difference. In my heart though I know that anything I can make in the oval would be just as happy in the 5.5 round.

Other than pure LC lust, and we all know how that goes, is there ANY reason I need the 4.5 oval if I have the 5.5 round. Yes, things fit more snugly, but Molly Stevens herself told me it wouldn't make that much difference. Has anyone found that to be not the case and there really IS a difference with a snugger fit?

Can you guys please help me out here. Can't bring myself to put the Caribbean oven back in the box :-(. I already have a 2.5 qt. round, a 3.5 wide round, a 3.5 buffet casserole, the 5.5 round and the 6.75 wide round. I can also make a smaller chicken in the 3.5 wide, and the buffet casserole, besides a larger one in the 5.5 round. A smaller roast can go in them too.

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  1. When faced with a similar dilemma a year ago (Indigo, not Carribean), I overbought, and ended up selling some of the unused pieces this year. I made a (slight) profit, though selling had not been my original objective. Long story short, I liked having the pieces in the house so I could make a more informed decision.

    1. You don't need both. Pick one and be done with it. LC is mean. Every year, they come out with new colors and I swear they come out with new shapes/sizes. But we don't need a new LC every year. They last a lifetime, if not longer.

      For what it's worth, I find the oval to be less useful. It can be prettier to present on the table, but functionally, it never seems as useful as the round.

      1. I totally feel you. I'm lusting after some staub now (and I thought I would be faithful to LC!) primarily due to color. I'll advise you to do what I'm trying to do - buy based on function rather than on looks. Or, you could deaccession some of the pieces you have now.

        1. Go with the one larger round one IMO. Size diff doesn't seem big enough to justify. We use 7qt round one for many jobs, large and smaller.

          1. I succumbed to the lust and bought a couple of ovals when I saw them for a great price and they are nowhere near as useful as the rounds, which I use constantly. In fact, I think I am going to deaccession them as olympia puts it because I have better things to do with that space. For me, the problem with the ovals is that a good part of them is not on the burner for the browning steps that all the things I make always include.

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              Good information about the browning, Gretchen. Thanks.

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                Would a 5.5 round work for roasting a chicken? I'm planning to buy a LC oven this fall/winter, and that's one of the things I expect to use it for most regularly, so I was mostly looking at ovals, but I also like stews & braises, so browning function matters too.