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Sep 29, 2011 04:50 PM

My own little sausage festival

Well, I've always wanted to do an Octoberfest-y sausage party. When you look into it, we really do have a number of great long-time butcher shops still around. Because I had limited time to drive/shop, I picked these, but I could certainly have done a south St. Paul type run as well, and hit scattered others. Here is my menu, and I'd appreciate knowing your fav sausage places:

For the Fall 2011 sausage fest, we have four fine historic north/northeast butchers represented. We will also have some hot dogs for the kids as needed. In chronological order...

Sentyrz Meats, 16th and 2nd NE, established 1923:

Mozzarella Italian
Jalapeno Cheddar Polish
Hawaiian Pineapple Brats
Everything Northeast Brats (no idea)

Hackenmueller's Meat Market, 41st and Broadway, established 1938:

Homemade Brats
Andouille Sausage
Country Sausage

Ready Meats, 36th and Johnson NE, established 1946:

Swedish Sausage
Creole Sausage
Hot Italian Sausage
Turkey Brats (low fat)

Kramarczuk's, 215 E. Hennepin, established 1954 (the baby of the bunch):

Polish Sausage
Moroccan Lamb Sausage
Chicken Apple Sausage

Ready Meats
3550 Johnson St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

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  1. This looks fantastic.

    I am intrigued by the Everything Northeast Brats. Think they could have some sauerkraut inside?

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    1. re: karykat

      .....and then stuffed into pierogi.

      1. re: stymie

        I'm a big fan of Everett's Jalapeno brats, as well as their cheddar. Maybe next year for you.

    2. This sounds like the event of the season! I really want to know your opinion of Kramarczuk's sausages, especially the "exotics" like the Moroccan Lamb sausage. I know their basic brats and Polish sausages are good, but would love to know about the non-mainstream stuff.

      Me, I'd probably add a sausage or two from an area co-op. (((EDIT TO ADD: The co-ops hire real butchers - my brother-in-law is one - so I feel that they deserve a spot in the "real old-timey butcher-shop sausage festival" challenge. :-))) I've had some lovely tube-shaped meat from Seward Co-op - notably an apple-chicken brat and a mango-lime sausage.

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      1. re: AnneInMpls

        The Seward Coop has my two favorite sausages also. A Vietnamese pork and a buffalo chicken. Mississippi Market has great Italian sausages.

      2. RJ's in Hudson > Clancey's > the rest

        1. The winners from my crowd were (not in any ranked order):

          Moroccan Lamb from Kramarczuk's
          Andouille Sausage from Hackenmueller's
          Bockwurst from Ready Meats

          Also, I will say that for those that are squeamish about sausage (I have a few in my crowd), the chicken apple from Kramarczuk's and the low fat turkey brat from Ready went over great.

          The "everything nordeaster" from Sentyrz was quite delicious. It had cheese, green peppers, and onions for sure. I bet every one is a bit different. I liked it!

          We didn't get to some of them as I couldn't do a third grilling for the last of them. All in all a successful night, and I appreciate the suggestions for next time. It was a hit and the friends demand to do it again!

          Ready Meats
          3550 Johnson St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418