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Sep 29, 2011 02:35 PM

On the Border Tyngsboro Ma/Nashua NH line demolition going on

Went by a few hours ago, and noticed for the first time since its closing that something was happening.

Since I was driving by myself I couldn't get a detailed look, but it looks like it might just be a total
demolition. I know that when Dick's was coming in Pheasant Lane Mall there were some ideas about what might be taking over OTB. There were no signs up about "the future home of" or any
inclination as to what was actually happening there at all.

Anyone have any ideas as to what chain will now be going in?

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  1. I am curious too, Hummingbird. Burtons recently opened and Red Robin is about to...hmmm. AND no rumors circulating. Anyone with news/gossip?

    1. I had heard a rumor of a Cheesecake Factory in that area. Is there enough land there for the building and parking?

      I wish I had seen this earlier, I would have taken my two toddlers down to watch. But I'm not going to wake them from their naps now!

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      1. re: rizzo0904

        I've never been on the property, but it appears to be able to handle a Cheesecake Factory, and when it was OTB, I do remember thinking it had a pretty large parking area as I was passing by.

        So I would think that as long as a CF's building didn't have a huge footprint compared to OTB it would be appropriate.

        Who is the parent company owner of CF? I think OTB was part of the Chili's so not sure if that makes a difference, not even sure if that parcel was ever sold. Heck ll just go look that up now.

        CF is run by International Global Development, and I didn't find it connected to Brinker's which is parent to Chili's, OTB, Maggiano's and Macaroni's.

        1. re: hummingbird

          well, we already have the chili's. but we don't have maggiano's or macaroni's least i don't think so. i don't go to either chain so i don't really know.

          1. re: rizzo0904

            I'm hoping it might be a P.F. Chang's - would be nice to get my lettuce wrap/dan dan noodle fix there there with my in-laws instead of having to drive to Burlington. : )

              1. re: smokey7422

                I've been to one of those in was actually pretty good. It was my first time having coconut shrimp...yum!

      2. Thanks smokey, I tried doing a few searches, Lowell Sun, and then Tygnsboro planing board meetings minutes, last week, but nothing turned up, so thanks again.

        So its another Olive Garden type place. Never heard of the BB place. Now will go check out their website.

        Back again, here's the website, be forwarned, it has music, Bahama type, so not too loud.

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        1. re: hummingbird

          I do like their children's menu.....a few departures from the normal nuggets and mac and cheese. They offer grilled chicken and grilled tilapia as 2 of the options.

          1. re: rizzo0904

            Overall, looks like a pretty mediocre family casual dining chain. Given the location next to the mall, I guess it makes sense. Would have rather seen PF Changs if it was going to be a chain.

            1. re: Msample

              I've been hoping for a Buffalo Wild Wings. I've been to a Bahama Breeze many years ago in the Tampa area. It wasn't remarkable to me except for the jerk chicken. That I remember. Very good then.

              1. re: smokey7422

                Hi - Jumping on the thread a little late here... found it through google! We had been hoping for a Buffalo Wild Wings too!!!! I hadn't heard of Bahama Breeze before, but maybe I'll check it out... looked on the website and it doesn't look too bad.

                1. re: LuckyJ191

                  Screw this..another crap chain. I guess the Nashua area doesnt fit the demographic for some real restaurants

          2. re: hummingbird

            Owned by the same group as Olive Garden, if memory serves. Either that or Outback - I know BB was one of the alternate options on a giftcard I received a few years ago.