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Recommendations please!

Haven't been to las Vegas in several years and am going in November with my 86 year old mother, my 31 year old twin sons and their girlfriends. Staying at Bellagio and looking for a really good sushi recommend for a birthday dinner-on or off the Strip, doesn't matter, just GOOD. Also, one REALLY good breakfast/brunch.Food is everything, location/ambience not so much. Please help!

3600 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV

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  1. I've never been, but have heard/read great things about Bar Masa in The Aria Hotel. I've been to Sushi Samba in NY and was very impressed, although never tried the Vegas one though. For Brunch, I'd recommend Bouchon. Their food and service is excellent. Loved the chicken and waffles (only served on the weekends though, IIRC).

    3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

    1. If $ is no object go to Bar Masa, if it is go to Sen of Japan. Breakfast do not miss The Verandah in the Four Seasons while I think Tableau in Wynn is a close 2nd. Many like Bouchon, which I do too, but think it is solidly behind Verandah and Tableau.

      3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

      Sen of Japan
      8480 W Desert Inn Rd F1, Las Vegas, NV

      1. Appears this is a first post. Where are you from...that is, what is your reference for good sushi? If you have reviewed old posts you may have seen that LV is not a New York or LA in terms of sushi. Agree with LVI, I would go to Bar Masa if price is of no concern. It is expensive but arguably the best LV has to offer. Recently, had a very decent meal at Blue Ribbon, high fish quality as well. I eat at Sen weekly, but if you don't have a rental car it loses value.

        I like Verandah, but really love the roast chicken/waffles too so I frequent Bouchon more often. The brunch at Jasmine is also very good, albeit a little pricey. Good food and beautiful place to spend an late morning/early afternoon(though you said location is not important to you).

        3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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          doc, being from NYC area the Blue Ribbon name held appeal to me. I have read not so glowing reviews. You like?

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            I'm from Seattle, of Japanese heritage, and I thought the sushi at Blue Ribbon was not good at all. The fish quality was okay but the rice was terrible; cold, almost crunchy and misshapen blobs.

            On the other hand, the fried chicken and the oxtail fried rice were awesome. The fried rice is topped with an omelet filled with bone marrow. I would return for those two dishes and avoid the sushi.

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            I live in Louisville, KY, and we have many sushi restaurants here, some good, some not. My sushi context also includes Sausalito, CA.(Sushi Ran, LOVED IT) and Honolulu, HI., Roy Yamaguchi's tuna tataki was heaven.We won't have a car, but is it too far to taxi to Sen? We all have adventuresome palates, and also love traditional rolls, like crunch munch. Thank you for your brunch suggestions, too.

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              LVI, I did. Curiously enough, I went to Sullivan St. location twice in the past and thought it ok. But, the one proper meal I've had at the Vegas location was pretty good (in candor, we didn't give the menu a good run through). Decent selection of some lesser knowns, and a seki aji and kamasu that were very good. Can't comment on the rice as we had whole fish/sashimi. We ate at a table, so obviously not a full-on sushi bar experience. I too have seen negative comments, especially regarding the sushi bar as a whole, e.g. no fresh wasabi, very strange. I'm not sure I would hurry back, as I'd much prefer to go to BarMasa for the $$, but it was good.

              Magic. My comment about the cab - it is not too far, but going to run you about $25/each way. Map approximates 14.8 miles roundtrip. More questions. What is pp budget with drink+tax+tip? You mentioned traditional rolls, is that more what your party enjoys?

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                We don't really have a fixed budget-is $60 per person realistic? We're not big drinkers (although I like a cold beer) and our 6th won't eat sushi at all. The 5 of us who love sushi do prefer traditional rolls with fresh wasabi and ginger.

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                  It would be exceedingly difficult to get out of Blue Ribbon for $60 pp.

          3. Okada at the Wynn has very good sushi.

            For breakfast, Bouchon is much better than Tableau (yes, I've had breakfast at both restaurants; Tableau's only value was that I was staying in the Tower Suites at the Wynn so it was more convenient than Bouchon). I'll be returning to LV in the spring, and I'll be returning to the Bellagio. While I will go to Bouchon for breakfast, I definitely wouldn't make the trip over to Tableau.

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              i hear ya!

            2. Border Grill brunch is amazing.