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Sep 29, 2011 01:08 PM

Vic and Anthony's

I're probably saying What???? at The Golden Nugget? But I will tell you that our
steaks were outstanding, if not better than even Mastro's....excellent and perfectly cooked steaks, the service was attentive and felt pampered, and the side dishes were delish...especially the
mushrooms....I ate them like candy.

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  1. I second your opinion. We also had a fabulous meal there and I would definitely go back.

    1. That's great to know. People ask for recommendations downtown all the time.

      1. I haven't been there in probably 3 years, but I second the rec. Every time I've been there, the food was expertly prepared and the service was equally good. Probably the best downtown restaurant that I know of. Does anybody else have any downtown fine dining recommendations.

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          Hugos in the 4 Queens is really old style Vegas. I always have the duck. Ladies get roses. Always nice.

          1. re: vegasmike

            Ahh yes, Hugo's downstairs. Thanks for reminding me - I forgot about that place. I've had the seafood, steak, and veal there before. Duck is one of my favorites - I'll be sure to try it the next time I find myself there. I don't mean this as a critism, but between Hugo's and V&A's, I'd have to say the food, atomosphere, and service is just a bit better at V&A's.

        2. We ate there within the last month. The porterhouse for two was amazing. Its our go to place for a great steak with wonderful service