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Sep 29, 2011 12:26 PM


I went to Prima last night. AMAZING!!!!!!! We sat at the counter watching the glow of the beautiful wood burning oven. As the embers flickered the aromas from the kitchen right in front of us was pure nirvana. We were able to witness one of the partners share his expertise to one of the staff while they assembled the amazing pizzas and other dishes. We were able to chat throughout the meal about their philosophy, sourcing of product and dynamic of their vision as a new business.

-Spicy Meatball, mozzarella filled, shaved bread, arugula, spicy tomato sauce
-Veal Sweet Breads Picatta - capers, lemon, parsley, braised sauce
-Fried Prawns-parsley & garlic sauces, smoked paprika salt
-Squid Cannelloni-fennel sausage, peppers and onions, ricotta cheese
-Shrimp Raviolo-brandy flavored shrimp & parsley oil
-Smoked Fish-smoked local white fish,avocado vinaigrette, heart of palm, purslane, EVOO
-Prosciutto Rucola: san marzano tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, arugula, parmegiano reggiano
and prosciutto.
Also, a side order of mushrooms.
Finally - "Captn' Crunch ice cream
-"Fragole con panna"-strawberries, toasted brioche, mascarpone cheese

It was a banquet of a meal. Absolute perfection in every bite. I could spend hours describing each dish but then I wouldn't make it in time for "Streets of Asia with Morimoto & Friends" tonight. Just believe me when I tell you GO TO PRIMA sooner than later! At this early stage it is BYOB. Reservations are essential! Next to the Foodland.
108 Hekili St., Suite 107

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  1. I am so looking forward to trying this place. On my to do list after I get back from my trip to San Francisco.

      1. re: russkar

        You will love it! I really liked sitting at the counter talking with Alejandro. Definitely get the squid canneloni and the smoked fish. Great to meet you and Karla last night!

      2. Sorry to say our experience was polar opposite to Manomin's. We had a average experience and wild horses couldn't drag us back to this place. Almost everything all 8 of ordered was disappointing. Not returning..

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        1. re: russkar

          russkar-that's too bad, sorry to hear you did not enjoy yourself.

          1. re: manomin

            Worst yet 6 of the foodies with us live in Kailua and were the most unhappy of all of us.
            The dishes just didn't work. Prices were on the high side, portions on the small side. Wish we had been @ Mavro or Le Bistro. Went to Peppino's to p/u a Pizza after dinner.

            Le Bistro
            5730 Kalanianaole Hwy, Honolulu, HI 96821

            1. re: russkar

              Well it's fine to tell us here but hopefully you and your foodie friends will tell them.

        2. We went last night. Found the food really good, prices not super high and the pizza wonderful. The pineapple soup was fabulous, the mushroom plate superb, and the pork belly delicious!

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          1. re: Bob Foster

            Tell us more about the pineapple soup!

            1. re: manomin

              It was made with fish stock, dried squid and pineapple. Had the pineapple flavor without the sweet suggary finish. I had my doubts from the name but LOVED it.

              Interesting, not one of the dishes specifically mentioned in your first was still on the menu.

              1. re: Bob Foster

                I don't doubt that. They are ever changing. I'm sold on the venison sausage though!