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Sep 29, 2011 10:53 AM


Has anyone been to Pintxo lately? Is it worth going to?


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  1. Yes. It's regularly talked about on this board, and comments are always positive. Search Pintxo on the board, you'll get tons more comments.

    1. Having read great comments here and heard the same from a friend, I went to Pintxo a month ago with two friends. All three of us were disappointed as the prices were high for what we got. The white asparagus were watery, the mushrooms too acidic, the rabbit very salty. Only the desserts were up to our standards. That being said, the waitress was charming and very efficient.
      IMO Tapeo is way better and cheaper...

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        I was there maybe last June and was not impressed either. The food was good not great and the prices were too high for what was received IMHO. All the staff were very friendly except for our server who was a bit distracted or uninterested it seemed.