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Sep 29, 2011 10:13 AM

Turkey Bacon...looks gross in the package but taste like bacon!

This is huge for someone who doesn't eat red meat and misses my beloved BLT's.
I can't believe how something so dang ugly can fry up like the superstar it is and taste just like bacon.
Yeah, I said it...turkey bacon taste just like bacon...
; )

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  1. BC, hubby and I are on Weight Watchers and are totally happy to have turkey bacon. Some taste better than others, and feel more like bacon. We've tried Jennie-O, Butterball and Oscar Meyer. The OM wins by a landslide.
    When you're counting calories (or points, as it were) , every little bit helps. And neither DH or I want to waste our precious points on stuff that doesn't taste good.
    Let the naysayers say what they will. If this is the only way that you can have a BLT, then dammit, have your BLT any way you like.

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    1. re: jmcarthur8

      Thanks for the rec. on OM turkey bacon. I do love the Jennie-O turkey burgers too.

      1. re: jmcarthur8

        Damn straight..
        OM is the only one I've tried and with a $1 coupon, makes it around $2 bucks at my store., if I can get them to add a little maple flavor to it.

      2. for someone who considers hot dogs as a vehicle for condiments, the fat-free turkey hot dogs are great! they are low calorie (about 40-50 each) and have a much better (or less offensive) flavor than the fat-free beef hot dogs.

        1. I'm sold!
          With recommendation from CH'ers, I bought Oscar Meyer turkey bacon and it is quite good. I love, love! that it doesn't curl up in the pan so I don't have to chase it around or weigh it down. I love how fast it cooks up.
          I'm on a roll... I made waffles with turkey bacon this morning, and I fried more turkey bacon up for collards.
          I just don't know if I'll ever go back!
          Next: coat with maple syrup when it's cooking ;-0

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          1. Nothing beats the real thing but I do like Turkey bacon for something different. Something else I found a number of years ago that I enjoy is Morning Star Farms Bacon strips. These are 100% vegetarian, I do enjoy these as much if not better than Turkey Bacon, they crisp up real good but do not over cook them.

            Nutional Facts:

            2 Strips = 60 Calories

            4.5 Grams fat

            0.5 Gram Sat Fat

            3 Grams Polyunsaturated Fat

            1 Gram Monounsaturated Fat

            2 Carbs

            1 Gram Fiber
            0 Cholesterol

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            1. re: Buckeye_Local

              love love love their sausages and of course the Garden burger and I do my famous Patty Melt with rye bread, grilled up garden burger, grilled onions and thousand island good!
              I'm making tonight some tacos with the ground up garden burger stuff..that's really good but you have to gussy it up a little with fresh garlic and sea salt and fresh ground pepper.

            2. No, no it does not taste just like bacon.

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              1. re: jacquelines

                ok, it taste almost as good as bacon but nothing could ever take the place of the real deal.

                1. re: Beach Chick

                  haha, now I concur with this statement.