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Sep 29, 2011 09:31 AM

Elliot's Oyster Happy Hour & kid?

We're ramping up for a trip to Seattle in October. My 15 year old loves his oysters. Can he join me for the oyster progressive happy hour at Elliot's (a screaming deal much lauded here), or would the State of Washington's no-kids-in-bars rule prevent this?

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  1. Depending on the weather you could sit outside & maybe circumvent the rule. There's also an area separated from the bar by a wall of windows that may do the trick. Best, though, is to simply call or email & ask them direct. Wish I'd known about oysters when I was 15...


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    1. re: FishTales

      FWIW, I e-mailed the GM a couple days ago but have received no reply. I called and got put on hold interminably. Hence the query.

      1. re: Spot

        WA liquor laws are an amalgam of insane prohibition holdovers, so no, kid will definitely not be able to sit at the bar. You can still order the regular spectrum of oysters in the general admission portion of the restaurant. Sorry.

    2. Both minors and happy hour coexist in the "bar adjacent" area across from the host station by the windows.
      It's not legally the bar itself (which is separated by a railing, as it is in virtually all Washington restaurants with liquor licenses.)

      Go, bring your kid. Just don't expect to get a seat at 3:30. Be there a few minutes before 3 or risk having the only available seats be at the bar itself (where your son won't be allowed.)

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      1. re: terrier

        Good to know. We're going to be in SEA in August and our grandson is under two. Most places I've seen in CA and OR have the same type setup as you describe.

      2. Pike Place and Uwajimaya can fix you up with bags of oysters and an oyster knife.