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Sep 29, 2011 09:18 AM

Site Maintenance - Today (9/29)

There will be a site-wide maintenance today starting at 2pm Pacific time (9pm GMT) as part of the ongoing infrastructure upgrades. CHOW and Chowhound will not be available during this time. We apologize for the inconvenience; thank you for your patience.

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  1. Our maintenance is complete. Thanks for your patience everyone, we appreciate it.

    Chow Engineering

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    1. re: Engineering


      So far as I can see EVERY hyperlink in every post that has one that I have checked on, that is preceded by a paragraph return has a problem with it after this maintenance.

      I have reported dozens of posts in the last 20 minutes. My last bunch of reports has this as the text I pasted into the comments field:


      Hyperlink wrong. Same problem as with the OP.

      Looks like every hyperlink with a paragraph break before it is wrong, has that extra " " added at the front.

      [End Quote


      Hyperlinks within the body of text in a post are fine.
      Hyperlinks at the end of a paragraph - but apparently WITHOUT a hard paragraph return - are fine.

      1. re: huiray

        We're aware of the issue and are hoping to fix it quickly. The temporary quick-fix is to precede links with a blank space if it's on a new line. Sorry for the trouble.

        1. re: Engineering

          was it supposed to forget "remember me" at login?
          i had to re-enter my login at home and just now here at work

          1. re: Engineering

            Trying to look through the March 2011 Jamie Oliver report threads...hyperlinks still not working.


            1. re: Gio

              Yes, the hyperlinks are still not working.

              In fact, the link to that CH thread you inserted in your post has got EVEN WORSE - as it has now picked up TWO prefixes to the actual url - clicking on your link goes to meaning it incorporates the new line above it as well as the paragraph break at the end of that new line above it!

              ENGINEERING, are you reading this?

              1. re: huiray

                If you'll pardon the metaphor, the problem is being caused by an ancient and insidious demon in the Chowhound code, and we're having some trouble figuring how to exorcise it without killing other things around the site in the process. Please bear with us, we certainly haven't forgotten the problem.

                1. re: Engineering

                  Thank you.

                  FYI putting parentheses around a hyperlink results in the link address acquiring the parentheses with concomitant insertion of a http// in front of it. See

                  Note the above link to the referenced post works because it is in the body of a text passage without any punctuation marks around it or paragraph returns preceding it.

                  1. re: Engineering

                    Links preceded by paragraph returns or punctuation appear to be working again with posts I have checked. I noticed y'all were washing dishes about 7 pm. Is everything OK now?

                    1. re: huiray

                      No, everything is not okay now. The main links to the COTM archive are working, but some of the embedded links within the main threads still don't.

                      1. re: JoanN

                        I posted some comments here:

                        @ENGINEERING: Comments, please?