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Sep 29, 2011 08:54 AM

I woke up, it was a Chelsea morning...

I took advantage of jury duty yesterday to sample a few Chelsea places that were new to me. A corned beef sandwich from Arthur's deli made a hefty breakfast. Tasty corned beef though texturally a little mushy and why can;t anyone in this town have decent rye bread (yes I mean you Michael's deli!) that would put these sandwiches over the top. Lunch was grilled shrimp a la plancha ($10) and a side of chicharrones ($3) at a Salvadoran place called Sabor Especiale. OK but preferred a recent visit to Monte Cristo in Everett recently. Generous amount of food with grilled onions and peppers and tasty rice and good beans. The chicharrones don't have the crispy skin of their Dominican cousins (try Yely's) but are more chewy. Pollo Campero had Wed special of a piece of fried chicken with fries for 99 cents and this made a nice supper reheated. Finally made it to Katz Bakery for a half dozen bagels and had a tasty garlic one this morning. There are tons of other places nearby to try. Anyone been to Tijuana for Mexican?

Pollo Campero
115 Park St, Chelsea, MA 02150

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  1. >been to Tijuana for Mexican?

    yes, but it was - 20 years ago... :) between there Katz bagels and Al Zack's deli, they kept us alive...

    Tijuana Mexican Food
    164 Broadway, Chelsea, MA 02150

    1. Tijuana rocks! As someone who grew up in Newton and is infinitely more familiar (dare I say comfortable??) in various Brookline-Cambridge-Somerville joints, I have developed a real love for this place. Their complimentary salsa fresca is out of this world and the tortilla chips tend to be hot. great way to start what is sure to be a delicious, substantial and authentic meal. not to mention their GREAT margarita ; )

      1. You know you are a hound when....

        you take lemons (jury duty) and make lemonade (Chelsea chow mini-crawl) !!!

        Well played sir.

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        1. re: yumyum

          A lemonade would have been nice with all that salty food ;-). I settled for a horchata.