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Sep 29, 2011 08:03 AM

What's for Dinner? #109 [old]

I see that we have quickly reached in excess of 300 posts, so let's move it here!

Tonight will be veal Milanese along with a side of pesto. I will harvest my basil today before the weather turns colder and make some pesto for the freezer inventory. With that will be a green salad.

What are you making tonight?

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  1. Tonight I am meeting a friend for dinner at a local restaurant. Last night we made sausages that a friend bought at a local farmers market, home fried potatoes, summer squash steamed with onions and garlic and herbs. All the produce was from our CSA.

    1. I'm spending the day prepping and washing dishes and many kitchen chores while making my favorite and only recipe I use for Bolognese - Anne Burrell's.

      I hope to eat some tonight, along with a suggested wine, sangiovese (my wine of choice.)

      1. I have been gifted a beautiful piece of frozen hand caught pacific salmon, it's quite large although I haven't weighed it yet (think 9 inches long but 2 inches thick and 4 or 5 inches wide. I was thinking of simply grilling it with some spices and then I have some greek yogurt (the first time I will use this product) and read on here somewhere you can use it to make things like tartar sauce. I was thinking of making a dill sauce with it - any other suggestions?

        We will also have a nice brown rice pilaf and some coleslaw - sounds boring now that I say it.

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        1. re: nsstampqueen

          Brown Rice and Coleslaw is NEVER boring to me.
          Hand caught pacific Salmon has to be most everyone's dream.

          Your using yogurt (a milk product, as you well know :-))

          brings to mind some sort of admonition against fish and dairy

          A fish dish mit cheese is common in Hawaii, as well as on many tables; I've never understood why there should be an admonition - could it have something to do with digestion?

          This admonition is in my brain so much that I never even order a fish dish with cheese in a restaurant. Just musing.

          1. re: Rella

            Oh goodness you're right - I would never eat any kind of fish dish with traditional cheese - but you should try a nice grilled/broiled/baked/fried salmon dish with cream cheese mixed with some dill, salt and pepper - it's really really good!! Sometimes if the salmon is thin enough (under 1/2" I'll just mix up the cream cheese mixture and bake it on top of the salmon). Really when you think about it lots of people put butter on their fish when cooking -which is dairy right?? Funny how we each think about things differently. I would not hesitate to put cream cheese with salmon (cooked, smoked, etc.) but this greek yogurt thing has me thinking.

            1. re: nsstampqueen

              Re salmon - I've not thought about it previously as to why I do this - but I always use olive oil - (extra virgin) --

              Yes, no accounting for one's preferences.

              Next time I bake salmon - which probably will not be too far in the future - I'll try putting the cream cheese mixture on top that you mention. Do you butter aloong with the cream cheese? Thanks.

              1. re: Rella

                No I don't put butter, just sprinkle salt and pepper on the salmon on a baking sheet with non-stick tinfoil (just cause I'm too lazy to clean the pan later) and then put a layer of the cream cheese mixture on top and bake it at around 350 F.

                I will also use olive oil, not butter, when I bake salmon plain. I used to use a butter/dill mixture until I had the cream cheese version at a restaurant and loved it!

                1. re: nsstampqueen

                  "just sprinkle salt and pepper on the salmon on a baking sheet with non-stick tinfoil (just cause I'm too lazy to clean the pan later)..""

                  No, I'm lazier than you. I use a aluminum pan lined with parchment paper for all my fish. You can't imagine how I dislike fish cleanup.

                  I buy the aluminum pans at Costco by the big pack; usually in 3 to 5 packages, so I don't run out. A guy approached me and my cart and said, Gee, you are quite a little baker, aren't you. Heheheh.

          2. re: nsstampqueen

            I just bought some salmon to be frozen for next week, and you've inspired me to serve it with a homemade wasabi laced tartar sauce. Thanks, nsq!

            1. re: nsstampqueen

              The salmon turned out wonderful! I didn't overcook it (which I have to admit I do all too often) it was still nice and moist and flaky. But we did not enjoy the dill sauce made with the greek yogurt. I have to say that it is Balkan Style yogurt (so I guess probably not exactly the real thing). It didn't have a lot of tang - hubby said he would have rather used ranch dressing (and this is from the human garbage disposal). I didn't cook the salmon with the sauce, we put it on when plating it up - maybe baking would have improved the flavour?? This being my first go round with the yogurt - I better make something else with whats left and see if I like it that way - I'm thinking something breakfasty tomorrow on my day off. I have some fruit to cut up with it and maybe some granola on top - see if I like it - I sure liked the texture of the stuff - that's one thick and creamy yogurt! Otherwise, I won't buy it again. The stores we have access to only seem to have this Balkan Style - nothing authentically called Greek Yogurt (but I had read somewhere on here that this product is the same thing). Oh well, live and learn and try again!

            2. Skirt steak fajitas, flour tortillas, smashed homemade pinto beans (like refried but not fried), peppers, onions, avocado.

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              1. re: suburban_mom

                Yum! I love mexican! If I wasn't having salmon that would have been a great idea!

              2. Kosher chicken breasts have been marinating in a mix of oo, Hungarian hot paprika, lemon juice, garlic powder, oregano, s&p, and will be hopping on the grill soon.

                Side is a mix of baby romaine lettuces & baby arugula, tomatoes, feta, and sautéed oyster mushrooms -- walnut vinaigrette (walnut oil, walnut mustard, white wine vinegar, s&p).