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Sep 29, 2011 07:25 AM

!!ASAP!! Need pulled chicken recipe for Tacos

I need to turn out a bunch of chicken for tacos pretty quickly.. can anyone recommend some recipes to do this?

I have seen recipes that use breast- poach and shred and toss with sauce.. I want something in more of a carnitas fashion... Fatty and velvety while soft and tender.

I have picked up a pressure cooker thinking i would need it for any of those recipes would work too.

Can anyone recommend a good technique using thighs and other high collagen parts of the chicken to get a mouth watering tasty shredded chicken?

I want the meat to stand by itself and not need (rely on) the sauce (poached version) to be delciious

Thanks so much!

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  1. Here is my method, which involves grilling spice-rubbed thighs and mixing in some jarred sauce afterward. (I use Bone Suckin Sauce. But the chicken is really good before the sauce is mixed in.)

    2 tablespoons dark brown sugar
    1 teaspoon paprika
    1 teaspoon chili powder
    3/4 teaspoon ground cumin
    1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
    2 pounds skinless, boneless chicken thighs

    To prepare chicken, combine first 7 ingredients in a small bowl. Rub spice mixture evenly over chicken. Place chicken on a medium-hot grill rack coated with cooking spray; cover and grill 20 minutes or until a thermometer registers 180°, turning occasionally. Let stand for 5 minutes. Shred with 2 forks. Place in sauce pan with a little bit of your favorite BBQ sauce - just enough to moisten it up. Cook 2 minutes until heated.

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    1. re: cackalackie

      Thank You

      Do you guys think i can cook it the same way i cook my pork?

      Fill up a cast iron with pork shoulder cut in 1 inch pieces.. fill with liquid of choice until it covers the meat,, Add seasonings of choice... Bring to boil and let simmer... until meat begins to shred .. add some cogniac and let simmer a while longer.

      End result is a very juicy tender shredded meat.

      Do you think this will work for chicken thighs/legs etc?

      1. re: lestblight

        Lestblight, that sounds like too much work for thighs or legs. Braise them whole in the same fluid if you want, or far, far easier, and probably tastier, stick the mixture in your pressure cooker and let it rock. When they're cool enough to handle, it'll be easy to remove the skin, bones, and tendons from the soft and silky chicken meat. (I use medical gloves.) The flavor will be better if you cook with the skin and bone on.

        1. re: rcallner

          I agree with the seasoning and cooking with skin on and bones in. I use breast meat, just a personal preference. I also add chopped celery and onions. If some of the celery and onions get into the finished product, even better.

          1. re: rcallner

            ok this sounds close to what im looking for.

            Can you give me some steps to follow ? havent used my pressure cooker yet!

            Do i brown chicken with skin first ?
            cover with fluid? or chicken stock? cover fully or partially ?

            How long should i cook this for?

            I have a 6 quart pressure cooker.. can i load it up? or only occupy surface area? or will i just brown in batches?

            thanks so much !

      2. I'm guessing your dinner is over, but I just wanted to contribute my recipe for tacos, in case somebody dug up this thread later. Poach your chicken and shred it. Depending on how much chicken you have, grind together some garlic cloves, some whole cumin (a little goes a long way) and a few black peppercorns. Add some tomato sauce and a little salt, and mix it in to your chicken and warm through. Heat your tortillas in oil to soften. Spoon in chicken and roll. Top with a bit of crema (or sour cream, or creme fresche) and you're set to go. Obviously, this is for a soft taco on corn tortillas. My wife's family refer to these as 'enchiladas,' and they are best eaten with a knife and fork. Not sure if that was what you were looking for, but that's how we do it in my house.

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        1. re: gilintx

          not too late ! biut thank you and i will try this in the future .. what kind of chicken do you use? breasts? or dark meat ?

          1. re: lestblight

            I generally just use whatever is cheap that week. Thigh meat is great, but you can make it with breast meat as well.

            1. re: gilintx

              Thanks everyone. My results were great.

              Tosses in thighs and drumsticks .. browned, deglazed, seasoned and tossed in pressure cooker for 20 minutes..

              Meat fell offf bones... corrected seasonings and was ready to serve.

              thanks again.

              1. re: lestblight

                Happy ending! Now that you know and love your pressure cooker and its way with dark chicken meat, think of the possibilities for really quick, good chicken soup!