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Sep 29, 2011 07:23 AM

Hurry...Need help this weekend in Manchester,Vt [moved from Greater Boston board]


Headed to Manchester for the weekend for husband's birthday. The info for Southern, Vt on the CH boards is about 2-3 years old. I have received 2 recommendations...Reluctant Panther and The Inn at West View Farm in Dorset. Any other suggestions or comments on these.

Looking for any food recommendations for the weekend... brunch, lunch, dinner wine bar, etc

Thanks in advance for info;)

  1. Probably best to have this posted in the New England section of CH. Actually, they may move it on you anyway...

    1. There is a decent brick-oven pizza place inside a furniture store in Manchester. It's a neat atmosphere.

      Also, I love "Up for Breakfast"...I couldn't find a website but it's on yelp:

      Let me see if I can think of anything else...Oh wait, the "Perfect Wife" has pretty good food in the tavern area. I've never eaten at the actual restaurant. I like going there for a beer and they have big yummy salads, decent bar food, etc.. I've always enjoyed it when I've gone.

      Hope this helps! Have fun. It's such a beautiful area!

      1. If Weston isn't too far, I think the Inn at Weston is a lovely place. It's an old Inn in the center of town. The food is not cheap but it is tasty and the setting is charming.

        1. Since Terriwth4 has another thread going at, we're going to close this one.