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Sep 29, 2011 07:04 AM

Georges Perrier's blogger troubles

I noticed that my post about Georges Perrier's blogger troubles was moved to the food news section of Chowhound resulting in the fact that no one can post to it here and it will simply fall to the bottom of the list and never get discussed... not sure why Chowhound Team took the step of moving this post - I hope they are not trying to bury this topic. What's up Chowhound Team? Isn't this story something we're allowed to discuss on the Philly Board? Its all over the front page of the Metro today.

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  1. We try to keep the local boards focused on discussing where to eat locally. News stories, recipes requests, etc, even if they have a local angle, go on one of the other boards. So we moved threads like that and leave a pointer behind so that people who are interested can find them in their new home.

    We've also moved this thread, since it's about the site, and not about Philly area food, to our Site Talk board.