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Sep 29, 2011 07:00 AM

Boston Burmese Food Fair on Sat Oct 8th

This annual food fair offers you a once-a-year opportunity to come enjoy a taste of authentic Burmese food. All dishes are homemade and prepared to perfection. For more info about the event, please visit the site below.

Sat Oct 8th from 4-7pm
International Community Church
30 Gordon St
Allston, MA 02134

T-accessible by B-line to Warren Street stop
Also close to 57 and 66 buses
Free street parking available all day

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  1. We go every year.
    Great food.

    1. Just joined a Meetup group I discovered & am going, too. Looking forward to this!

      1. We look forward to seeing you at the event. Please bring your friends! We are hoping that the holiday weekend won't keep people away. Thanks!

        1. I went over today and had the yummiest little bite! It was a shrimp fritter, with a nice large head-on prawn and lots of herby tangles visible in the cake. The sauce was a wonder, with a perfect balance of tangy, a little funky, salty, and vegetal with more herbs. The sauce cut the grease of the fried food perfectly.

          I also got the Chicken Palata, a Burmese cousin of Paratha, served with an oily spicy chicken curry made with thigh meat, god bless em! Super tasty.

          I stopped by the snack stall on the way out and got some tofu salad to go. Haven't dug into that one but it smells great.

          I'm really glad I got over there this year. I hope to be back for the next one!

          (Oh, and the tickets you see in the picture were what you purchased for a buck to buy your food inside. Kinda smart that the food servers didn't have to also deal with the money. And if you didn't use all your purchased tickets they would buy them back.)

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          1. re: yumyum

            Yes, I went with my wife yesterday.. basically, its a church fundraiser. Tasty food, we were in and out for $20. We had the "fried bites", the fish stew, the noodle salad, and the bean paratha.

            I'd go again - tasty food, good atmosphere. It nice to see someone who knows the cuisine of that region actually putting it together in front of you, as well as massive stockpots full o' fish stew and chicken curry..

            1. re: grant.cook

              I missed it! Had work - that's more crucial... got a cold, too - while I made myself some chicken soup, dreaming of those massive stockpots of fish stew!!! (and chicken curry sounds like a good idea, too...)

              Hopefully next time...

            2. re: yumyum

              I was there too and sorry to miss you there yumyum. I heard from a Burmese student that this was a good way to try the cuisine. I got the mohinga, a ground catfish soup with rice noodles that was very tasty. Brought other stuff home, which was good for a couple of meals. Missed the prawn fritters but got the mixed fritters (Bean, potato, squash, and some kind of spring roll). The potato was the best of the them, crispy matchsticks with a dusting of spice. Also tasted the chicken palata which was also good. Overall, nice flavors, nice people, good value and a good cause.

            3. I was there as well. I tried the mohinga and the noodle salad (I don't remember what it was called.) Both were tasty, and the atmosphere of the festival was very lively and fun. A good time, and worth checking out next year if you're in the Allston area.