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Sep 29, 2011 06:34 AM

Looking for a Fun restaurant in West Palm Beach Area

My BFF birthday is this week. I wanted to take a small group to a fun restaurant. My first thought was OPA Taverna but we have been there a million times, along with the Improv. Any suggestions?

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  1. Boca de Bepe in Wellington is a fun restaurant, a chain, that serves family style out in Wellington. High end fun -- try Boulud in Palm Beach. Best restaurant ever and in the off season, you shouldn't have a problem with getting a table. Over and above treatment and excellent food where they really know how to celebrate a birthday -- Capital Grille in Palm Beach Gardens. Fun atmosphere, relaxed and casual -- Tiki Bar in North Palm Beach, Sailfish Marina in Palm Beach Shores and I also hear wonderful things about The Grill on Peanut Island, but I haven't been there myself.

    Sailfish Marina Restaurant
    98 Lake Dr, West Palm Beach, FL 33404