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Sep 29, 2011 06:21 AM

First Trip to Paesano's

I'm making my first trip to Paesano's on 9th st. tomorrow, and I'm wondering if I could get a suggestion as to which sandwich to try if I can only try one. I've seen many suggestions to go to this place, but not many as to which sandwich is best. Thanks in advance!

Also, any must-stop places in the Italian Market/immediate area that are good for food that I can pick up to cook later would be greatly appreciated as well. I'll already be hitting up Fiorella's and D'Angelo Bros. Thanks again.

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  1. My favorite take aways from the Italian Market are mozzarella from the Claudo mozz store (next door to their main store); and cheese and other products from DiBruno Bros.

    The Arista sandwich is probably their signature. But, I love the Liveracce and my husband loves the Gustaio. I'd skip the Daddy Wad if you can only have one.

    1. My two picks would be the Zawzeech and the Arista, but if l could only eat one thing it would be the potato side dish, as good a potato dish as there is.

      1. In addition to Claudio's and DiBruno -- the fish at Anastasi's is very good. You can also pick up freshly made tortillas, tortilla chips, and salsas from the tortillaria on 9th st.

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          + 1 on the Tortilla place. Ive been using them for breakfast with eggs and the homemade chorizo I made. Even bought the peppers at the spice place nearby and the pork from Espositos.

        2. The Arista is the best introduction to Paesano's I think, it's the city's best version of the roast pork sandwich with provolone and broccoli rabe. I like the Liveracce and Gustaio as well but they are much more intense flavors. The Panelle is a great lighter sandwich. Get the potatoes in any case.

          1. I'll pile on the Arista bandwagon - although I love the chick pea sandwich too (whose name escapes me) I'll plus one for the tortilla place too. I agree with Claudio's mozarella but if you can stand it go to the big store - their grilled marinated artichokes are killer and their house olive oil and good balsamic are great and reasonably priced for the quality.