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Sep 28, 2011 08:34 PM

Serving soup in demitasse cups

I'm having a cocktail party with little comfort foods: mini chicken and waffles, pigs in blankets, pickled things, etc. I was thinking of doing a soup, and was trying to figure out how to serve it. Are demitasse cups too precious? People will be standing up, so I am trying to avoid utensils. But if I had 2 ounces of soup I'd probably keep wanting to go back for more. Thoughts?

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  1. If it's ALL mini food, I'd say it's a cute idea. If people want to keep going back for more, it's not a huge deal. If there's going to be a variety of foods though, they probably won't.

    What kind of soup? Because I'm thinking it would be best if it was a rich and creamy soup. Something filling.

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      It is all mini food. I originally thought tomato soup, but maybe I'll make it creamy.

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        Ooooh tomato soup with little grilled cheese dippers.
        I say if you have the cups go for it, not many uses for them nowadays that I have seen.

    2. Unless you have a small ladle with a good lip, it would be messy for people to try to refill their own little cups of soup. Larger coffee cups or mugs would be better. Perhaps little handle-less tea cups/bowls like those found in Chinese restaurants. Seems to me they are a bit larger, and definitely wider, than demitasse cups. You might find something workable if you look at simple votive candle holders. Probably cost less than cups, too.

      1. Ikea tends to have some small-ish (by American standards) coffee cups that are very reasonably priced, and would make for a more respectable serving size. But to echo the other comments, I'd probably stick with something fairly rich and chunk-less...easier to eat without a spoon, and less likely to leave them wanting more.

        1. If it's a hot soup you'll probably need handles. If it's cold, like a gazpacho or potato leek, you can probably get away with shot glasses or Chinese tea cups as mentioned above. But for a cocktail party you are going to need to buy a lot of them. Also, you can refill using an old-fashioned style coffee pot with a long neck.

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            Love that idea of refilling the demi-tasse cups using a coffee pot. One from a silver coffee/tea service would work great, or even something in porcelain with the long, thin spout. Agree with others that the soup should be smooth and drinkable. Maybe something like a lobster bisque?

            Sounds like a fun party!

          2. If you were really trying to be precious, spherify your soup and serve on spoons.

            Anyway, I've done the demi-tasse thing; your biggest issue is filling/refilling and the number of cups available. if it were cold, you could use dixie cups, but hot soups should be uniform in consistency (no chunks) and will require that the cups either have handles, or that you only fill them 2/3 of the way so that guests can still pick them up at the lip.