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Dumpling Party for my office

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Hi CHers-

I want to throw a dumpling party for my next office happy hour in Mountain View. Any good leads on nearby places that can cater a variety of excellent dumplings? Doesn't have to be a restaurant either, if you know of someone that is a dumpling-making god/goddess, please let me know.

Thanks so much,


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  1. What kind of dumplings? Chinese?

    99 Ranch and the other large Asian groceries like Marina have decent varieties of frozen XLBs and other dumplings. If I recall they're like $6/dozen or so.

    Kingdom of Dumplings in SF has a handmade/frozen store front (no restaurant) on Noreiga, same idea as the 99 Ranch frozen but you can see them make them and they taste similar to what their restaurant sells.

    Kingdom of Dumpling
    1713 Taraval St, San Francisco, CA

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    1. re: ML8000

      Definitely chinese dumplings. I was hoping for a place that can cater dumplings. Our office doesn't have a stove to cook frozen dumplings and I think microwaving dumplings may fail miserably.

    2. I believe that Tsingtao Taste in Sunnyvale caters - they're in west Sunnyvale, close to Mountain View. The fish dumplings are fantastic; I haven't tried the other varieties yet.


      Tsingtao Taste
      1255 S Mary Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

      1. Try the search function. Mountain View and dumplings gets you...


        1. You can find good dumplings at Cafe Yulong on Dana Street in downtown MV. I cannot say anything about catering/delivery since I have only dined in the restaurant.
          They serve several varieties: fish and leek, shrimp, pork, XLB, and either steamed or pan-fried potstickers. In addition, they make some as daily specials. Perhaps they would make other varieties for your order -- the staff are very cordial and helpful.
          Good luck

          Cafe Yulong
          743 W Dana St, Mountain View, CA 94041

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          1. re: anyhow

            I don't like how thick the skin is. Previous commentary suggests it depends who on staff makes the dumplings; some are better than others, you may have gone on a day with a different cook, or you may like more northern style thick skins.

          2. We decided to go with Tsingtao Taste and they were awesome! Prices were totally reasonable. We got 4 varieties: veggie, fish, house special (w/ pork and shrimp), and pork and napa cabbage. My office was stoked and I came out the hero. Thanks so much to all for the recs.

            Tsingtao Taste
            1255 S Mary Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

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            1. re: yellohbella

              So glad Tsingtao Taste came through for you. Did they cook them for you on-site, to-order? I'd be interesting in hearing about the set-up.

              Tsingtao Taste
              1255 S Mary Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94087