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Sep 28, 2011 08:12 PM

Pollster: Your favorite kitchen knife

Time for another fun poll

Which kitchen knife do you use the most and find it invaluable.

a) German Chef's knife
b) French Chef's knife
c) Gyuto (Japanese style Chef's knife)
d) Santoku
e) Nakiri
f) Sujihikis
g) Chinese Chef's knife (aka Chinese cleaver)
h) Utility knife
i) Bread knife
j) Paring knife
k) None of the above

Thank for your participation :)

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  1. C mainly, I a fair bit, and "L" deba occasionaly

    1. I'll most likely be in the minority, but G. I find I'm reaching less and less for my other knives... especially that nakiri.

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      1. re: mateo21

        G as in a Chinese cleaver? Maybe I ask what kind Chinese cleaver you have? Just curious. Thanks in advance.

        "I'll most likely be in the minority"

        Mateo, consider the way I set up the poll, I don't think there will be a majority, so everyone will be a minority. :) To be specific, no one choice will exceed 50% I think.

        1. re: Chemicalkinetics

          CCK 1103 got me started. I'm the very happy recent recipient of a Konosuke White #2 Chuka.

        2. re: mateo21

          G is my choice as well. I have a thin-bladed Chinese cleaver for slicing meat and vegetables, and a thick-bladed one for heavy-duty cutting and smashing. I really would like to pick up some of these Western chef's knives and see what they're about though.

          1. re: skaboy

            Can I assume you use your gyuto much more than your paring knife and therefore narrow down your final answer to (C)? :)

            If you indeed use your paring knife more, then let me know. Thanks.

          2. Gyuto and its not even close.

            1. B.)8" carbon steel Thiers Issard.


              A.)6" Forged Forschner.