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Sep 28, 2011 06:31 PM

Special dinner near Manchester Vt

I'm going to be visiting my elderly parents in Arlington Vt in a couple weeks; having my 60th BD while there. We live in San Francisco and have pretty high standards for food, but I also want a place where mom and dad will be comfortable. Some of my thoughts...Pangia in Bennington, Chanticleer or Mistral's in Manchester, Dorset Inn...
If it weren't too far to drive I'd consider the Downtown Grocery in Ludlow, or the new farm-to-table place in South Londonderry.
Any thoughts??

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  1. You cannot go wrong with Chanticleer. I used to think that their menu was stodgy and passe, but they buy the best ingredients and cook everything well. The rooms are comfortable and charming and the service is good.
    There is a new restaurant called Silver Fork. It is lovely and has an ever-changing menu, however the room is small (only 6 tables) and it might be less than comfortable for your parents. It is the most interesting place in town, run by a lovely couple who really know "their stuff."

    1. Johnathan's Table in Arlington is probably what you are looking for. The food is excellent, as is the service. I am a old foodie from Montreal and my wife and I were treated to supper there two weeks ago and were delighted. Their local meats are excellent and all the people at the table were pleased with their entrees and appetizers. Save room for the desserts. The demographics are what you are looking for but I would suggest reservations. Happy Birthday and I would like to add life can be great after sixty it sure is for me.

      1. Chanticleer for sure...he really does cook everything well. I have heard nice things about Silver fork, but we have not been so I can't say. If your going to drive, hit up SoLo Farm & Table, it will be worth the trip.

        1. Just returned from dinner at Downtown Grocery and it was worth the drive (from Manchester). We loved everything we ordered and there is great attention to detail. When you make a reservation, ask for a comfortable table and you won't be disappointed. Dishes we loved were quail, gnocchi Bolognese, mussels, pork rib, and the breakfast dessert. Also...the local apple cider with orange peel (with or without bourbon). There is a great energy in the restaurant and the service was excellent.

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            since Chanticleer was closed that night, and my parents always go to Jonathon's Table, we ended up going to Silver was good cooking, but I was surprised it didn't use more local ingredients. The demographic was definitely my parent's age.
            What i really want to say, though, is that later in our trip we did try the Downtown Grocery, and it is FABULOUS! Really some of the best food I've had in VT! Lots of regional farms sourced for both meat and produce, and the owner/hostess is charming. Great energy, clearly developing a enthusiastic local following. the pork dishes were outstanding, and I'm still thinking about that gnocchi!

            Jonathon's Table
            Route 7A, Arlington, VT 05250