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Sep 28, 2011 05:40 PM

Turkey Dinner?

To avoid the hassles of T'sgiving travel, our family has been celebrating early. This year, I am thinking about dining out rather than cooking--any suggestions for places that serve a decent roast turkey dinner on the weekend? Parents are on the S. Shore, we're in Malden, so somewhere not-too-far north or south in E. Mass would be good. Wheelchair access a necessity (but I can check into this.)


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  1. Sky in Norwood has a very good buffet.

    1. Drive up to that turkey only place in New Hampshire!!! I cant remember the name of it, but its a total hoot.

      Get take out from the place on Plain St. in Marchfield.

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        Harts Turkey Farm in Manchester and Meredith

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          Thanks. Its where every day is thanksgiving

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            Jenny Ondioline and I stop there for lunch every year during our weekend-before-Thanksgiving road trip. Not necessarily the most perfectly chowish meal (I'm still smarting from another poster damning a favorite place of mine as Not Chowish), but the food is decent enough and I love the decor!