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Need an appetizer for a Beef Stew Dinner

Going to a friends for a dinner party and they asked me to bring an appetizer for a beef stew dinner.
~Help Chowhounds!!

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  1. Go retro with stuffed mushroom caps?

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      I agree with the stuffed mushrooms. Those would be perfect to precede a beef stew.

    2. You know, I would go with something light to counter the heaviness of the stew. Maybe cheese puffs ( http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/in... ) or Crostini ( http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/tomat... ) or Mini-Crab Cakes ( http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/mini-... ).

      1. whole wheat crackers and white beans-sage dip...

        1. Crostini with goat cheese and some sort of chutney or fig spread. They always go fast.

          1. Belgian endive with sour cream and caviar.

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              While lovely, to precede a beef stew????

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                Sure. It is very light and goes well with ice cold Champs. Then you eat three servings of stew and drink some great red wine, mop the plate with French bread, and feel gorged but so glad you didn't eat the box of Cheezits first. Then you summon all of your courage and eat some great dessert and vow to take a fifty mile bike ride in the morning. I like really light hors d,oeuvres with substantial meals. Although I do agree with your general point it would be a real non sequitur.

            2. Stuffed mushroom caps using bread crumbs, mayo and (secret ingredient) dill.
              Dill and beef stew are natural partners........
              Let the mixed "stuffing" rest (covered of course) in the fridge for 12 - 24 hours before stuffing the caps.

              1. How about shrimp....since you're doing beef for a main course.

                1. for holiday dinner tonight, i made parmesan custards, served topped with arugula lightly drizzled with a lemon white wine vinegarette... well received. light on the mouth, and good contrast of textures

                  1. A "pate" of fresh and smoked salmon - whirl up some poached fresh salmon with a little cream cheese and butter, then fold in diced smoked salmon. Garnish with a bit of fresh dill. I've served this with crackers as a buffet item and as a sit down appetizer moulded in little flan rings with a smoked salmon "rose" in the center. It's easier to not do the rose thing.

                    1. Before something as heavy as beef stew, I would want a light eat. Why not just a green salad?

                      1. Sounds too simple, but Marcella Hazan does a walnut canape that is stunningly good and yummy before a beef dish: grate some Parmigiano Reggiano fine, stir in softened butter (to taste), put a little dollop (about 1/2 tsp.) on a walnut half. I serve a plate of those with some sliced figs and prosciutto, or just by themselves. Easy, delicious, and doesn't interfere with beef flavor.

                        1. I like the idea of some seafood, but plain not mixed with things. To keep it light. Maybe smoked salmon or trout with light crackers or shrimp as has been suggested.

                          The seafood would be different from the meat and the lightness would balance the hearty stew.

                          Maybe with some grapes or something light on the side.

                          1. I would go with a charoset type of dish. Light, sweet and non-heat spicy. So what if it's not for Passover?