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Sep 28, 2011 04:57 PM

Dinner between Philadelphia and Stockton/Lambertville (NJ)

In late October I'll be shuttling back and forth between my home in Hunterdon County (NJ) and the Fox Chase Cancer Center where a friend will undergo surgery. I'll probably make the trip 3-4 times and would like to stop for dinner on the way home. I will be traveling Route 611N, then Route 202N.

I am not familiar with places to eat in this area, except on the NJ side of the Delaware, so would like some recommendations in PA. I will be a 'party of one' and would like recs. for places that offer good food without a long wait. I'm thinking ethnic eateries might fill the bill (Thai, sushi, Peruvian, etc.).

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  1. You might want to search this board, as this question has been discussed many times before.

    Sticking strictly to your route, here are our favorites on 202N from the 611 Bypass to the New Hope-Lambertville bridge: Copper Leaf Grill, Sprig and Vine, Duck Soup. Copper Leaf Grill has counter seating at the grill, so it's perfect for a solo diner. Duck Soup is just such a friendly place, that you will not feel at all alone as a party of one. Sprig and Vine is vegan, very creative. If the weather is nice, they have a few outdoor tables, which are perfect for a solo diner: eat, read a book or a newspaper and enjoy the fall air.

    I hope your friend does well. He/she will be at the #1 place in Philly for specialty care.

    Addendum: since you include Stockton in your geographic range, I heartily endorse Via Ponte, which serves Sicilian style Italian cuisine and has great individual sized pizzas. Also has seating at the counter, where you can watch your pizza being made. Across the river, in Center Bridge, is Dilly's Corner, a burger and ice cream stand that is a Bucks County institution. They are open until late October and recently announced they will be serving an expanded menu inside this fall and winter.

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      FamDoc has offered up some fabulous places close to Doylestown/Buckingham New Hope. Closer to Fox Chase, Pho and Beyond in Willow Grove is a good option. For sushi, Ooka in Willow Grove, Ooka and Madame Butterfly in Doylestown are good choices.

      In the Fox Chase area, Hop Angel Brauhaus, and Austrian Village offer german specialties. There are two indian restaurants in Doylestown, Cross Culture, and a new one that I have not been to, Best Taste of india II.

      I am not a fan of the Thai food in the area. I do not like Siam Cuisine in Buckingham. I think the two Thai restaurants in Lambertville are the best in the area.

      Best of luck to your friend.

      A note... if you are going to Fox Chase, you might want to consider using York Road and Second Street Pike rather than 611 which gets horribly backed up.

    2. I like Iron Abbey in Horsham on 611. AMAZING draft beer selection, and good Portuguese-inspired pub food. Good for dining alone because you could sit at the bar or one of the bar tables.

      1. Thanks all for responding. I don't think I will have any problem finding suitable places. Btw, my preferred route home would be through Stockton. If I come home on a Friday or Saturday, I will absolutely avoid Lambertville/New Hope because I don't want to spend a lot of time parking and waiting for service.

        Famdoc, I am very familiar with Via Ponte in Stockton. It's a great little place and you're right; I could sit at the counter and watch dinner being made!

        Note to cwdonald: We've already made a couple of trips to and from Fox Chase. The first time we drove home I was really worried that 611N traffic would be a nightmare. It wasn't. In fact, I was surprised how quickly things moved along, even during the rush hour period. With that experience in mind, we tempted fate and took the same route a second time and our experience was the same. I will, however, look up your recommended route and may try it at least once.

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          I would also recommend Rte 232, 2nd street Pike, rather than 611. You pick it up just on the east side of New Hope and it goes straight down, just about, to Fox Chase. I lived in Huntingdon Valley for years and always went via 2nd Street Pike (Huntingdon Pike) rather than 611 because that takes you too far west. This route also opens you up to places in Newtown and Southampton -- Blue Sage, the vegetarian place.

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            Re: Via Ponte...just want to re-emphasize my prior recommendation. Was there on a recent Saturday evening, with the dining room full. Despite the crowd, our server was cheerful, attentive and courteous. Our food was outstanding (the pizzas are excellent and I had a squid ink pasta that was great), was served quickly and fresh from the kitchen, and was priced just right. One of the gems of the Bucks/Hunterdon vicinity.

            Re: Copper Leaf Grill...looks as if they didn't make it and have sold to new owners, opening under a new name. Intend a visit soon.