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Sep 28, 2011 04:23 PM

Italian resto for party of 15 or so, private room preferred

I'm turning to the wise folks behind this board to try to find a dinner destination for a birthday dinner at which the guests will range in age from 8-80. Italian is the idea, but somewhere that with variety that will be amenable to doing special orders for the pickier palates present while still being interesting for the serious eaters. Major bonus points for a private room or tucked away space.

Any recommendations welcome!

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  1. Pasta Casarreccia in NDG has a private room.

    1. What part of town?

      My favorite BYOW is lombardi restaurant on duluth and St-Denis. The servers Melanie and Fanie are the nicest thing on earth. The Chef Sylvie is a great cook. I'm bias since I've been going there for ages. It's my favorite spot on duluth.

      The difference I notice from the them is how nice they are not just with regulars but with new customers also.

      Off the menu you also just tell them what you feel like eating and the owner will take care of you and make you a special dish to our liking.

      I've been to other place on the same street and never I felt that little thing that made you feel like you are not there as a customer with a number but more like a friend they haven't seen in a while. That the difference I like about them.

      Lombardi Restaurant
      411 Av Duluth E, Montreal, QC H2L1A4, CA

      1. Roberto, on Belanger, has a private Room, and the food is pretty good, and varied.

        1. 15 people is not that large, most places will be able to accommodate... what's your price range?

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            Thanks all for the suggestions so far!

            Price and neighbourhood is not a major consideration. Not exorbitantly expensive, but we are willing to splurge for a place that works well with food worth its price tag.

            And we are willing to travel to anywhere reasonably central-ish, NDG included.

            And yes, 15 is not that large, but the private or separated space is still preferred.

            1. re: ngreckol

              I've been to a private bday party at Il Cortile; if it's relatively soon and daytime hours, you might be able to reserve the courtyard.. kind of chancey with the fall weather though. Graziella has private rooms if you want to splurge on a great meal. At the same level, Da Emma in Old Mtl also has private rooms, but for those prices I personally prefer Graz.

              1. re: ngreckol

                I've been to La Medusa on Drummond below St. Catherine a few times recently.

                GREAT food and service, nice place, a separate room for parties.

            2. Graziella on Mcgill has a couple of really nice private rooms downstairs that could handle your party, a little bit on the higher end of price but service and food is really good there so perfect for those who actually want to eat something good and i'm sure they can handle picky requests.