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Sep 28, 2011 04:18 PM

Cuban in Austin?

Hi, visiting Austin for a while and craving Cuban like you can get at Habana Inc, in nolita. The Google only revealed a couple of Cuban joints in town, one looks semi-fancy dining and the other is a trailer. Anything else worth looking into? Perhaps a more generic themed eatery with a Cuban sandwich?

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  1. i've always been a fan of Habana's cuban (on S. Congress). both the traditional one on bread as well as the one on a split plantain are pretty delicious. juicy flavorful lechon asada on it. it's pretty big size, and i believe they are 2 for 1 on mondays or something.

    1. Try the Cuban Sandwich Cafe on 1804 Briarcliff Blvd. It is a small cuban restaurant previously reviewed here. Good people and pretty good food.

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        There is a sign up on an empty storefront at North Lamar and Rutland (next to YMCA) advertising this restaurant as "Coming Soon". It used to be a Mexican bakery and is right next door to the Lucky(?) Bakery IIRC.

      2. Al Sur has had my favorite Cuban in town. not sure about authtencity but tasty. Mi Keficto (sp?) has had the best Cuban food in town but the sandwich wasn't as good as the Al Sur

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          I second the Al Sur vote from Carter !! This place is in my hood and we get a cuban a week.

        2. 2 of the joints mentioned above, Mi Kfecito and Cuban Sandwich Cafe, are reviewed in this week's chronicle if you're interested in reading more before heading out to try them:

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            Of all the restaurants mentioned so far, only the Cuban Sandwich Cafe makes a sandwich that looks, feels, and tastes like the ones in Miami. The bread is good, and the sandwich is grilled in a press. Their newest location is on N Lamar, next to Lucky Bakery in the shopping center just north of Rutland.

            Chago's cubano looks like it might be good, but it's $8. Cuban Sandwich Cafe's is $5.50.

            discussion of the original location on Briarcliff in Northeast Austin: