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Apr 16, 2006 12:40 PM

There are no truly authentic Buffalo wings in California.

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There are no truly authentic Buffalo wings in California. Period. Search the chowhound boards for yourself and see if you disagree with me. I have traveled all over this state and tried wings everywhere. If you can prove me wrong (and I sincerely hope you can), please post a reply.

I lived in Atlanta for a decade while in school, and basically subsisted on Buffalo wings. I took it for granted that if you wanted to watch the Braves or any big game, you could go get REAL wings and an unlimited beer selection at any one of the local chains like Three Dollar Cafe or Taco Mac. When I moved to California 9 years ago, I was pleased by the availability of all types of food, from haute cuisine to holes-in-the-walls. But nobody makes a buffalo wing properly!

A quick LA/SF area chowhound search was pathetic. If you're considering suggesting Hooters or El Torito or Tony Romas, don't bother to post. If you think ranch is appropriate to even be offered as an alternative to bleu cheese, then you just don't know -- please don't bother to post. I could write a dissertation on why bleu cheese (and celery) is the only proper complement to Buffalo wings.

I found this post by jupiter, from way back in 2002. It is encouraging, because I feel the EXACT same thing. Just replace Boston with Atlanta, and I could have written it -- every single word. With proper credit and thanks to jupiter, I would like to plagiarize, er... re-post it here:

"Hi all,
I am an east coast transplant from Boston, and one of the very few things i have been [not] able to find since i moved here (aside from a good fried clam) is Buffalo Wings! isnt' that crazy? In Boston they are plentiful and almost every bar serves them and they are almost all cooked the same way and served with COPIOUS amounts of Beer.
They are good and hot and delicious and apparently not anywhere to be found in this town. Now, if you are from San Francisco, or the bay area, i do not expect you to respond, cause the buffalo wings they have in this town ,are NOTHING like what they serve in most bars back east. The wings here are more salty and sour than they are hot. They are not deep fried, and they are never served with real blue cheese dressing, they always seem to come with Ranch dressing instead.
I have been searching for good wings since i got here and my husband thinks i am insane, since i order them at almost any place that has them on the menu, and they always suck, but i am determined and convinced that there must be a place in this town that does them right.
So.... if any one reading this has felt this same frustration, and knows what it is i am looking for, and knows where to find it, then please, let me know!
i will name a few places in Boston that live up to par of the type of wing i am looking for (for those of you that are out here from boston and might be familiar with this sort of thing) Wing it, Sunset Grill, The common ground pub (remarkably, all of these places are within a one block radius of each other)

ok, i am done,
thanks in advance,

The reason this is so urgent now, is that my wife (who is from Atlanta) is pregnant and is craving wings. We are going back to Atlanta next month.

Please help!

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  1. In a previous job incarnation, I had to travel to Buffalo every five weeks. Had my fill of wings from the Anchor Bar, to be sure.

    Ye Rustic Inn in Los Feliz has a pretty damn good version, true to its origins. Owners are from Buffalo. They even have weck rolls flown in.

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    1. re: Christine

      Ye Rustic Inn. Definitely.

      I've never been to Buffalo so I really can't comment on the authenticity, but they're damn good, and they match the descriptions I've read of authentic Buffalo wings.

      The Rustic is pretty much a neighborhood dive-type bar. But they're quite competent in the kitchen...MUCH more so than you would expect.

      1. re: Jack Flash

        I've never posted before, but this little string on my hometown specialty inspired me.

        I'm from Buffalo, and I'd definitely say Ye Rustic not only has the best chicken wings (that's what we call 'em in Bflo) in town, but they're also very authentic! In fact, on a good day they beat the Anchor Bar wings in my book -- although in my opinion, nothing compares to Duff's (the other main Buffalo spot for wings which seems to be less famous outside of Buffalo -- people in Buffalo have an ongoing Anchor Bar/Duff's debate about which one's better). Plus, it's a great place to hang out.

        To the original poster: it actually sounds pretty silly to say that Atlanta has the greatest authentic Buffalo wings. If you're looking for the best Atlanta version of Buffalo wings in Los Angeles, I have no idea how to help you. But if you're looking for the best Buffalo wings in L.A., check out Ye Rustic Inn. But maybe relax a little before you stop by -- we like to keep it low key and friendly there.

        1. re: djdebs

          When I go to Rustic, I order the wings cooked well done with extra, extra ("extra saucy") of the hottest sauce - then get to lickin' my fingers!

          1. re: WildSwede

            Hoagies and Wings. Please try Hoagies and wings. I've been to the anchor bar. I've been to Duffs. I make my own. Hoagies and Wings are great! Just East of Fairfax on Venice.


            1. re: dood

              It is on my list! Promise! I will go! ;-)

          2. re: djdebs

            I really liked the wings at Shannon's pub in the otherwise dreadful hotel near the airport in Tonawanda. I had to stay there more times than I want to recall, and therefore have put the name out of my mind. I understand the hotel is gone. Hopefully Shannon's has relocated; seemed pretty popular.

            1. re: djdebs

              djdebs, your post made me laugh out loud, and I really do appreciate the tips. No I have not been to Buffalo. I do know a couple of people that used to live in Buffalo (one while I was in Atlanta, one in LA who traveled with me to Atlanta), and they confirmed the "authenticity" of the Atlanta versions.

              (If you read carefully, I don't exactly claim Atlanta has the GREATEST authentic Buffalo wings. But they are great and authentic. I know I'm coming across as being anal-retentive and snobby -- but hey, isn't that what it means to be a chowhound, to have only the highest standards for our food?)

              It sounded to me like Boston also has great and authentic Buffalo wings. The places jupiter mentioned are on my to-eat-at list. Furthermore, I am already planning a pilgrimage to your home town this summer. I would love to join the Anchor-Duffs debate.

          3. re: Christine

            Went there tonight. You chowhounds rock!

            Went there Sunday evening. I thought I saw Gwen Stefani getting in a limo as we pulled in. Forgot to ask the waitress if it was her. The wings were too good, they got all my attention!

            Fine points:
            (1) Perfect size. If they're too small, they get overcooked; if they're too big, the flavor gets unbalanced.
            (2) Numbers of drums and wings were in proper balance. Both were properly cooked. This was actually better than my favorite places in Atlanta, where they tended to overcook drums slightly and undercook wings slightly.
            (3) Consistency was perfect. Fried enough to be crispy. No burning. Not a single one! This was the most impressive point to me.
            (4) The sauce was on the mild side. But the key was that the wings were hot without being drenched in extra sauce.
            (5) Bleu cheese was properly thick.
            (6) Plentiful celery. This is important to me because my pregnant wife is craving celery. (Plus my kids love the WonderPets, who love their celery-bration. Okay, lame, but I know somebody out there can identify with me.)

            Lest you think I am an easy grader, see the link (below) for my review of a San Diego wings experience.

            Will be returning soon to get the confirmatory experience (hopefully). Still have to try Hoagies and Wings. Also, the Pasadena location of Hot Wings Cafe.

            Somebody has been touting a place called Rubicon in Sacramento. Will have to call my friends in Davis. ("Hey haven't seen ya'll in a while! What? Oh yeah sure we'd love to come visit...")


                1. re: bakersjoe

                  Rubicon's wings - their regular tangy wings, and their very spicy wings - are good, but I'm not sure how authentically Buffalo they are. They're cheap, too.

              1. There are no truely authentic tacos in Atlanta. They got wings, we got tacos, get over it.

                I've had some good wings down on Crenshaw Blvd. I don't know if you would consider them "authentic" but they tasted good to me. I forgot the name of the place, maybe someone elese can comment. If not, take a drive down and try a few wing eateries.

                The other thing is that you can make them very easily yourself; it's so easy people from Atlanta can do it. Recipies abound on the 'net.

                1. If you need to satisfy the craving, I suggest ordering wings direct from the Anchor Bar in Buffalo. They may be the most expensive wings you've ever bought, but they are definitely worth every penny.


                  1. has anyone tried the wings at the Buffalo club (used to be Olympic Club) on Olympic and like 16th or 17th in Santa Monica.

                    i heard a few years back that they had the best wings in town,

                    and had a famed chef, patrick healy, i think as the e xecutire chef.

                    1. There are great wings in LA. Hoagies and Wings, its on Venice between Fairfax and LaBrea. Get the wings crispy with the sauce on the side (they stay crispy and travel better this way). They are awesome!