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Sep 28, 2011 03:53 PM

Robertson's Marmalade

Does anyone know where I can buy this marmalade? Trader Joe's used to carry it but no more. Piedmont Grocery has it for 7 bucks a jar(!).TJ's was half that.
thanks, bil

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  1. Did you notice that TJ's Has a new bitter orange marmalade on the shelf. The sign said it had more of this and that. Could it be Robertson's in a TJ Bottle, doubt it.

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    1. re: wolfe

      No it's their generic replacement and it's terrible.

      1. re: upkerry11

        You noticed and thanks for taking the bullet.

        1. re: upkerry11

          Last marmalade purchased at TJs was Dundee's, bitter-sweet with Seville Oranges.

      2. You might try Fresh and Easy since they carry actual British goods given the parent company.

        1. I believe Rockridge Market Hall stocks that brand. You may want to give them a call.

          Rockridge Market Hall
          5655 College Avenue, Oakland, CA 94618

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          1. re: khata

            Didn't see it in the Pasta Shop or back produce market. Doesn't mean it's not there so calling is good idea. Checked while getting kouign ammans with pear filling at Peaberry.

            1. re: wolfe

              If you are a marmalade freak as l am, check out Frank Cooper's vintage marmalade, much darker than Robertson's, also Tiptree's Tawny, large slices and smooth texture. Also if you can find it, the Koreans and Japanese both make a Yuzu marmalade that is awesome. BTW,Kouign amman with a filling in France is considered an abomination, <8-)

              1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                “The French don’t care what you do, actually,as long as you pronounce it properly.”
                Henry Higgins

                  1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                    Obviously a subject you should take up with Starter Bakery. If I had known that such things upset the French I would have bought the chocolate as a response to l'affaire Dreyfus.

                    Starter Bakery
                    1552 Beach Street, Suite R, Oakland, CA 94608