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Sep 28, 2011 01:43 PM

Miniature waffles?

Have you seen frozen mini waffles for sale at a store in Seattle? I want to make chicken and waffles for a cocktail party.

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  1. Van's makes minis. I think I've seen them at the U-Village QFC, but Safeway and Whole Foods stock the brand too. Look in the "natural foods" section at QFC and Safeway.

    edit: Verified, the Safeway on East John has the Van's Minis. They're even on sale.

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    1. I love this idea. How are you doing the chicken?

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      1. I would think pretty much everyone has the Eggo Homestyle Minis. This is the local Safeway page:

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          Okay, well, it used to link the Safeway's page for the Eggo minis...