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Dad is an observant Jew. I am an observant Chowhound. Where can we eat in New York City and both be satisfied?

I'm meeting my Dad for a reunion of sorts at 5th Ave between 47th and 48th.

I really don't care where we go, as long as the restaurant is

1. Kosher (Dad's requirement)
2. Tastes wonderful (my requirement)
3. Is not too expensive (both of our requirements-- let's say under $20 per person).

Any and all suggestions would be most helpful.

I'm particularly partial to less traditional foods... Yemeni melawech could be an interesting thing to share with my dad, who is firmly of the Ashkenazi deli and baked chicken bent.

Having said that, even a great kosher pizza place would be welcome (although my Chowhound research doesn't indicate much hope for this.)

Please, no recommendations for places "that are good for being kosher". I really want to experience a place where the food can stand on its own.

Suggestions for Brooklyn are welcome, but I was hoping to focus on Manhattan.


Mr Taster

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  1. Pardes in Brooklyn. Read about it here on the kosher board.

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    1. re: queenscook

      Pardes does sound quite promising.

      However, even though their menu isn't online right now, I get the sense from other posters that this is going to blow our budget of $20 per person. (Their prices apparently went up dramatically).

      I'll definitely keep this in mind, but are there any other (less expensive) places that meet all of my stated criteria?

      Mr Taster

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        Benny's on Avenue J in Brooklyn might be up your alley. I keep semi-Kosher (make of that what you will) and their pizza has proven to be a favorite, almost as good as non-Kosher in my opinion.

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          I'm sure others will have some recommendations, but with Rosh Hashana starting in an hour, don't expect any responses until Saturday night, after RH and shabbos. Shana Tova!

      2. Try Noi Dui in Manhattan (Lincoln Center area) or Basil in Crown Heights. Fine Italian eating, but milchigs and bistro/casual atmosphere (not downscale pizzaria, just casual) and this keeps the cost down. Mike's pizzaria on the upper west is also very good, but it is heavily take-out, with about 4 tables.

        1. It depends on whether your dad will accept the certification, but the Indian restaurants in the East 20s are wonderful, easily under $20 including tax and tip, and could satisfy your desire for interesting cuisine. (Is Tiffin Wallah kosher? I seem to recall it is.)

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          1. re: MiriamWoodstock

            Tiffin Wallah says it's kosher, but I don't see the hechsher advertised on their menu.

            Is there a standard website database of kosher restaurants, sorted by cuisine/food type? That could be a place to start.

            Does anyone know about this place?


            Mr Taster

            1. re: Mr Taster

              Dakshin should meet your requirements and your dad will not have an issue with their certification. Note, if you're going for dinner you may spend a little over $20/person, but I don't think you can do a kosher meat dinner in Manhattan for under $20 except maybe Kosher Delight(fast food burger). If you are planning on doing lunch then you should be fine with the Dakshin lunch buffet.

            1. It has zero atmosphere, but if you're willing to travel up to Washington Heights, Golan Heights makes really excellent shwarma, falafel, and kibbeh (spiced ground lamb). It's cheap, amazing, and full of college students.

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              1. re: GilaB

                I second Golan for amazing and CHEAP fair...they even have a pretty good cholent on Thursday nights....don't forget the Bubby's Nuggets:)

              2. What about Taam Tov? It's Bukharian (Central Asian). I've only had takeout but it's delicious. It's right in the Diamond District where you're meeting your father.

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                1. re: craigcep

                  Second. IF you're meeting your dad for lunch rather than dinner then this should be perfect

                  1. re: zsero

                    How interesting... I've quite heard of this. (But then, I haven't spent any time in Uzbekistan!) This just might be a winner. I'll report back.

                    Mr Taster

                    1. re: Mr Taster

                      This is a great restaurant and what I was going to suggest.

                  2. If your dad is somewhat lenient on kosher, hummus place, which has 4 locations, has AMAZING hummus. But you really have to be in the mood for hummus, because it has nothing else. There are also some great falafel places, such as Maoz or Taim (menupages.com has menus and addresses). But if you are looking for something not middle eastern, second basil and noi due. There are also excellent icecream places that appeal to the general public if you are ok with not having a sit down meal (16 Handles, screme, etc.)

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                    1. On 48th proper both Wolf and Lamb (Steakhouse) and Cafe K (dairy) are both good options. Wolf and Lamb may be a bit more than 20 at dinner time, though it can be done for 30pp. Cafe K is more in the 20 range and has good food (fish/pasta/desserts). To my knowledge, both have hashgachas that are fairly universally accepted.

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                          I've never understood what it is that people see in Wolf and Lamb. As for Cafe K, it's OK, but the request was for something that isn't just "good for kosher". Taam Tov is a much better fit for that. Provided, of course, that the meeting is for lunch and not dinner.

                          1. re: zsero

                            Sadly, Taam Tov is not open on Sunday, which is when we were planning to meet. That would have been a perfect fit.

                            My father has expressed an extreme reluctance to travel by subway, or into the boroughs so it's looking more and more like mid-grade kosher pizza could be the way this goes. Sad!

                            Mr Taster

                            1. re: Mr Taster

                              schnitzel express is on 39th and bway. don't let the name/atmosphere fool you - the food is fantastic by anyones standards, even if it is only schnitzel. it is more upscale schnitzel than most places though. price and hashgaha are excellent.

                              1. re: Mr Taster

                                In that case Cafe K may be a good option. It's close, it's decent, and I think it's in your price range. It's not great, but you can't have everything.

                                You may also want to consider the veggie Indian places on Curry Hill. That's not an unreasonable walk. Ask your father whether the hechsher on any of them is acceptable to him. Or you may be prepared to spend a bit more and get meat Indian at Shalom Bombay, which is close enough to where you'll be.

                          2. did anyone suggest clubhouse cafe? its meat, its delicious (my non-jewish coworkers gave it rave reviews) and lunchtime is acutally quiet (not sure if open sunday for lunch?) if you each order an entree, its under $20 a person, but you really should get the duck empanada appetizers, they are amazing! 46th btw broadway and 6th, so not far from where you are meeting.

                              1. re: Moishefrompardes

                                Not close to the location, and not all that good; certainly not worth shlepping for.

                                1. re: zsero

                                  Agree with the first point, but I actually think UP makes very good shawarma.

                                  1. re: zsero

                                    i suggest you give the baby chicken laffa a try, also, this guys price paramiters basically make anything, good & kosher impossible. i still vote for 2 babychicken laffa sandwiches & lunch in WSP, itll be a much more meaningful reunion than in any place that can seat you at that pricepoint.
                                    just my 2 cents, ill now return to cooking overpriced pretentious food.

                                  2. If it is not too late two words - Shalom Bombay - Lexington and 40th - authentic, fabulous, tasty Indian fleishig restaurant under OU supervision

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                                    1. re: Arinoam

                                      Sadly, the meetup never occurred.... I got sick, then my grandmother passed. I'll be filing this thread away for the future, however.

                                      Thanks everyone for your help.

                                      Mr Taster