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Sep 28, 2011 11:20 AM

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone


So what do you think?

A homeless woman outside of the bakery where I'm picking up my cake today asks for some money to buy something to eat. I say I don't have change, but come on in with me and I'll buy you something.

There are people you can take one look at and you know they need help. She wasn't a pretty person and probably a drug addict. The hair was wild, the clothes shabby. However, she was quiet though a bit incoherent.

The woman needed something to eat though. It is my birthday and I'm not going to say no to someone who needed help. Kinda bad karma IMO.

She got a small cup of coffee though I said she could get large. While she is waiting for her Danish, a bakery worker comes out and tells her to leave.

I say "That's ok. She's with me. I'm buying her something to eat".

The worker says in a really annoyed tone "We would rather you NOT do that".

I say "It is my birthday. I'm buying $30 of birthday cake here and if I can't buy this woman breakfast on my birthday I'll take my business elsewhere".

She gives me a dirty look and walks off. Happy Birtday to me.

I know this part of the city has a homeless problem. Still, she just looked bad. She wasn't bothering anyone and, through me she was a paying customer.

And ... I think bakery worker should not have confronted me and told me not to buy soemthing for this woman. She should have let it drop after I said the woman was with me and I was buying.

I always thought that phrase just meant if you were causing problems they could refuse service. It seems some businesses will do tha based on the way you look or many other reasons.

I drove off and the woman was outside the bakery looking a bit confused about what to do next. She just stood there staring at the coffee and Danish in her hands.

  1. While I can understand their position, You were totally in the right. (as they say up here in the North Woods) "Good on you!"

    1. You did a good thing. I wonder how the owner/manager would feel about the worker's attitude.

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        It is worker owned. It was a struggling bakery due to some poor business decisions by the original owner, so the employees bought it. It is the kind of place you want to support, but this makes it hard for me to fee good about going there and supporting them despite the fact that they are a needed instituion ... one of the few old time Danish bakeries in my area.

      2. good one on you !!
        happy birthday and screw them......
        I get it, I have owned restaurants and had this situation come up.......only it was christmas....
        I bought both parties their lunch that day - Everyone deserves kindness. I prefer food to money in those situations!!!!

        1. I honestly don't see what the worker had to complain about. The food was paid for, and it is highly unlikely the place will become a magnet for homeless drug addicts just because of one kind act.

          Happy Birthday, and I hope you receive a blessing today.

          1. firstly, you stood up for the lady. thank you. this world needs more of that.

            secondly, I wonder if there are any laws surrounding how picky a business can be in regards to whom they serve. I was just watching the news last night where a landlord argued that "preferring" to not rent to blacks was not the same as discrimination. discrimination based on race is an obvious no-no, but then you wonder about other sorts of "preferences" and whether there's any legislature to protect against situations like you saw.