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Apr 15, 2006 09:37 PM

MOST IMPROVED BBQ JOINT in the last 2-3 years...........

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We all have our own opinions on BBQ. Just like pizza, politics & religion, everyone knows the best place. I've been on chowhounds for almost 4 years and every rib joint in L.A. has been knocked for one thing or another. Baby Blues, Robin's, Lucille's, Phillip's, Zekes etc. I won't count the Swinging Door due to they being too new to the scene. Of all the "Q" joints that have been adored or blasted over the years which has gotten there act together the tightest. I'd like to revisit the consensus list and give my opinion of their upgrades so to speak.

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  1. giv e baby blues a try. they keep revamping their menu slightly, so see how it goes.

    and they make the best, the best, did i say the best, banana pudding in town .

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    1. re: kevin

      We LOVE barbeque & try to have some "Q" at least once a week. Over the last couple of years I'd say that Robin's has improved the most. As you know it's our favorite but was almost so-so 3-4 years ago. We think they got it together good. We also would consider Lucille's to have improved too. Though some may say that it's a chain, it's a small one and their sliced beef is very good

      395 N. ROSEMEAD BLVD.
      PASADENA, CA 91107

      Various locations across Orange County

        1. re: Hakim

          Lucille's does an O.K job & we haven't been to Robin's since they converted from a family restaurant 7-8 years ago, and we live in the area. Will go soon. On the flip side the barbeques that I think have gone south in a short period of time are Barn Burner in Pasadena & Jakes Roadhouse in Monrovia. B.B seems like a cavernous corporate experiment that should have been something else & Jakes Roadhouse in nothing but a tiny coffee shop serving pancakes, omelettes & some ribs. Been to both & both have regressed greatly since our 1st visit.

          1. re: wrenny

            Anybody been to The Pig lately. Didn't like it 2 years ago & haven't been back.

            1. re: Lets go now

              I think that the Pig at City Walk closed recently. The Pig in Hollywood near Pinks Hot Dogs is O.K. if your in the neighborhood & you need a BBQ fix. I wouldn't drive there from my home in Silver Lake just for BBQ.

              1. re: Jake

                My job as a sales rep takes me all over So Cal & chowhounds keeps me up to date on the current food happenings. In the last year or two I'd say that Baby Blues & Robin's BBQ have upped their ranking with me. Since both were mentioned in Westways Magazine as being among the the top 2-3 in BBQ they seem to have risen to the prestige. I also have to mention Lucille's in the mix.

    2. If now taking credit cards counts as an improvement, I would nominate JR's on La Cienega below Washington. Always loved the Q there.

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        1. Great question. I haven't been back to Robin's in over two years. Guess it's time to give them another try. I will never go back to Baby Blues. Terrible and very overpriced.