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Sep 28, 2011 09:51 AM

Looking for wineries with good food between DC and Hot Springs, VA

We're taking a trip down to The Homestead and would like to sample some of Virginia's finest wine on the way down. Any recommendations? We would prefer one that has a restaurant or at least a good cheese plate.

Also looking for recommendations for restaurants on the way there or near Hot Springs.


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  1. What way will you be driving? 66 to 81 to 64? That route doesn't have as much character but is the fastest? Or are you willing to spend more time and take more back roads?

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      Route is TBD. If there is something awesome off the beaten path we'll consider taking that direction.

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        Well you could take Rt 29 or a variation to take you down to Charlottesville then take 64 from there, that would take you down some better wine/food areas.

        For example if you headed down to Barboursville, Keswick, Horton, Burnley and even Jefferson if you took a combination or 15, 20, 22 to 64. Keswick or Barboursville both have cheese plates, but I like stopping in Gordonsville to pick up food to eat at their picnic tables. Of these I think Barbourville and Jefferson are the best.

        If you went down 29 to 64 you could stop in Crozet at King Family, Cardinal Point, Veritas, Flying Fox, Pollack and Afton Mountain. I believe all those wineries have cheese plates, but you will pass the Greenwood Grocery on the way and that would be a good stop to get some lunch, too. There are also some good restaurants in Crozet. Of these King Family, Veritas and Flying Fox are my favorites.

        Of course if you go out 66 there are wineries by the Plains. I have been to Barrell Oak, the wine was ok, food was good. I have heard Three Fox had good wine.

        Have you looked up the Virginia Wine Map? It may be helpful to cross reference with reviews of wineries to see what is the best. It normally takes about 2.5 hours to get to Crozet then about 2 hours from there to Hot Springs as I recall...

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          Is Crozet Pizza still open? A classic venue!

          1. re: cateo1

            Yep and Three Notch'd Grill is there and good. I also like Cafe Del Sol for quick tex-mex. There are some new places there I haven't tried too.

    2. Linden Vineyards (10 minutes off Rt. 66 from Exit 13 or 18) is a great one. Great wines, fatastic views and a neat little tasting room. The only problem is on weekends you have to be a member of their "case club" sit on the porch at a table. If you're going on Wed/Thur/Fri you may be able to go into the case club area. I'm not sure to call first. They have cheese and meat plates available, but no real meals for sale.