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Sep 28, 2011 09:05 AM

Plates in Larchmont

So, we're going this eve and have never been. Hard to find much said about it in Chowhound, especially since with that name it comes up in a lot of searches having nothing to do with it. Hey, we're going anyhow, but curious to know others' experiences. Tonite is free corkage night so at least we'll have a good bottle of wine. I'll leave my own feedback after we try it.

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  1. Haven't been in over a year or so - not since my bf found a bone in his sardine app, which turned us off. That being said, they do have some amazing food, and a bit on the pricey side. I remember a couple dining next to us freaking out when their bill came because the kobe beef special entree was $50-something per person. The wait staff then was overheard informing people of the price when running through the night's specials. Don't pass up the desserts, especially the doughnut and ring ding.

    1. I've eaten there a couple of times, but not in a long while. It was about a B+, IMO. It's just a little off of my beaten track, so I haven't returned recently.

      1. Too late for OP but just want to add that I consider Plates a local gem - we live nearby. Food is overall very good and prices are reasonable considering the level of food and service. A couple of standouts are the flatbreads which change seasonally, the indulgent and delicious fettuccine appetizer and the creatively spiced duck with wheatberries. As Byram Girl said donuts are excellent and the rich, chocolatey, fudgey, ring ding is the stuff of dreams. Really - get an extra (or two) to take home since you'll be thinking about it for days afterward.

        It can be a special occasion spot as it is quiet and refined but also good for a regular dinner out as the atmosphere - and general guest attire - is casual. Depending on what you order you can have a solid, excellent meal for two with appetizers, entrees and desserts for about $100 before tax//tip/alcohol.

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          and their pulled pork & ribs are pretty good as well.

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            Agreed Cubanat. My husband had the Sunday BBQ and enjoyed it.

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            Thanks all for the input. We did eat there last week and it was hit and miss. We both started with organic salads -- nothing exciting there but fine. My swordfish entree was salty/fishy tasting and was taken back without any fuss. I got the scallops over vegetable puree instead and they were excellent. My BF got the wagyu beef which he said was disappointing as it was not tender. Service was excellent and the environment was lovely. We ended up ordering wine by the glass instead of BYOB, and liked the mini carafe with the extra pour. Sadly, we skipped dessert (my favorite part of any meal) but I'm dieting and dreaming about ring dings for days afterward could be fatal. It does seem that we may have had a more favorable experience overall with different menu options, and would be up for giving it another shot in future.