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Sep 28, 2011 07:59 AM

Restaurants for a weekend in Paris - recommendations please!!!

Hello all,

I'll be in Paris with my husband for a weekend in a couple of weeks, and have been trying to decide on restaurants. I am a more adventurous eater than my husband, but I wouldn't call my husband a picky eater by any means. We are looking for places that won't run us more than CAN$200, which leaves most 2-3 Michellin-starred restaurants out of the question. These are the places I am considering:

1. L'Ami Jean (I actually have a reservation here for the Friday night)

2. Buisson Ardent or La Gaigne on Saturday (Other recommendations are welcomed. Tried to get a table at La Regalade St. Honore buy they are already fully booked for the entire weekend, which is unfortunate as I really wanted to try it. Would consider their original location but we're staying at the intencontinental le grand and it seems like too long a treck to get there).

3. Cafe Constant or La Fontaine du Mars for Sunday (Also open to recommendations, but as most restaurants are closed on Sundays I am having a hard time finding good options).

We were in Paris a couple of years ago and enjoyed a delicious meal at Au Bon Accueil. I was looking forward to going there again but have read posts that the prior chef has left and thus the quality of the food and service have gone downhill.

Also, we are considering Benoit, but it is tad more expensive that we'd like. We don't mind going a bit over budget if it's worth it, but the reviews I've read so far are somewhat hot/cold about the restaurant.

Thank you all in advance for your help!

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  1. The Concierge services at the Intercontinental are amazing.
    I almost always get the Reservations I request, even at the last moment.
    e.g. I canceled a Restaurant last week, due to recent negative reviews, and they were able to fill in Passage 53 instead.(I am not recommending Passage 53, as it is definitely out of the price category you requested).
    The original La Regalade has a larger menu, and we have always enjoyed our Meals there.
    St. Honore has had very poor reviews, but not wanting to cancel a second reservation we did go to La Regalade St. Honore and our Meal was excellent.
    We have enjoyed two fine Meals at La Gagnaire, but recent terrible reviews convinced me to have fond memories, but not to return.
    Au Bon Accueil, was a regular stop for us for years, but we sadly noticed the difference the last time we visited, and have crossed it off our list.
    You could try Chez Denise communal tables where everyone chats,huge portions, very good Brasserie food, not far, easily within your price point, and a very fun evening.
    Send an e-mail to Concierge services with your request.

    1. La Comptoir-Carrefour d' Odeon

      1. CLAJ and any of the Regalade group are a bit similar, you might want to try as recently coined the 'Wunderkind' places, see Le Cinq for bargain lunch is for me a must.