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Sep 28, 2011 07:59 AM

German beers in ABQ

Can anyone recommend a liquor store in ABQ that has a decent selection of German beers? I got the Chow newsletter last week with the Oktoberfest article and it made me homesick for Wisconsin where, of course, you can get any German beer in the world. Chow noted that some of the recommendations were available at Whole Foods, but I couldn't find any. Kelly's at Academy/San Mateo had no German imports. They had German-like micro brews, but this one time I want the real thing. How about Quarters--anybody know?

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  1. Cost Plus world market has a big Oktoberfest thing happening--it may be mostly food items but I know they do sell beer also so it might be worth checking out.

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    1. I'm a bit more of a wine dude than a beer dude, but you might check out Jubilation at Lomas and Carlisle. They certainly have the best wine selection I've seen in ABQ, and I seem to recall a pretty good beer selection too.

      Also check out Sunflower Market. Selection can be hit or miss, but I've definitely seen German stuff there in the past. Trader Joe's as well; at very least they routinely have German *style* beers, even under their own label (Hofbrau Bock, Dunkelweizen, etc.).

      If you're up around Santa Fe, Kokoman north of town has the best liquor selection I've seen in the state, period, usually with reasonable prices to match.

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        I just picked up the beer issue of Local IQ and see from their ad that Jubilation offers 450 beers from around the world. I'm sure I can find one or two for Oktoberfrst.

        Who knew? I only think of them as wine sellers.

        Thank you.