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Sep 28, 2011 05:38 AM

Sake Menu @ Sakagura

We've enjoyed going here for some time now, but our focus was more on their food than sake. However, we are taking friends from Argentina to this place for the experience at their request. As a novice, my experience in the past of navigating through their sake menu or getting help from the bar staff was difficult, as their selection is vast, and my knowledge limited.

We recently went to En Brasserie where they really enjoyed the following:

OKA (Yamagata): ginjo - light, clean and easy (categorized under "light & crisp")
OZE (Gumma): junmai - light-bodied, complex with lively finish (under "smooth & round")

Could you recommend us something in the line of above? For the sake of something special, I would rather not put a price limit, but cheaper the better : ) Thanks in advance!

211 East 43rd Street, New York, NY 10017

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  1. If you're really going to profit from the Sakagura experience, I would recommend spending a little more and trying some of their junmai daiginjos. In particular, the Otokoyama from Hokkaido, the Wataribune JDG from Ibaraki, and the Tama No Hikari from Kyoto. I would also recommend giving some of their Nigoris (unfiltered saki) a try, as they're quite special--particularly the Shirakawagu from Gifu and the Tsuki no Kastura from Kyoto. And if you really want to try something fantastic (though expensive), they have Shizuku Zake ("trickle sake") which is pretty hard to find, even in NY.

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      Thanks for your taking the time to reply, strangemd. We will try to get a taste of all your recs.

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        Enjoy! And take a cab. Last time I went I had to return for my car the next day.