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Sep 28, 2011 02:56 AM

New Years Eve in Vienna

We will be in Vienna for New Years Eve and I am looking for some ideas on where to enjoy our evening. I am not looking for a formal event/atmosphere just a place to enjoy a late dinner with dinner and toast the new year.

I have been to Vienna multiple times but have no memorable dining experiences to draw from. We enjoy a wide range of foods including Indian, Mediterranean, Asian but are not find of traditional Viennese cuisine. We also enjoy jazz and would love to find a venue with music and good food.

Suggestions are appreciated!

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  1. New Years Eve is a very special night in Vienna. There will be a real big street party ("Silvesterpfad")d throughout the city center, with a lot of open air music, dance and many kiosks selling different kind of street food an a lot of alcohol of every kind. Thousands of tourists, no, ten thousands of (Italian) tourists,will dominate the streets, and it will be a quite spectacular and very loud, but also very peaceful party.

    (BTW: We try to avoid it at any cost, because I like to keep my hearing intact...)

    There are many restaurants offering a New Years Eve special, but most of them will not offer any live music or dance since you can get this free out on the streets...

    There are many options open for you:
    The least expensive is just to join the crowd in the streets, eat some of the offered street food, dance along and celebrate the new year with the sound of the large bell (Pummerin) of St.Stephens cathedral.

    Here is a link to the official announcement including also parties at some of the larger hotels:

    Not on this list:
    The most spectacular might be to book a table in the Le Loft restaurant of the Sofitel, which is on the 18th floor and has a spectacular view of the whole city. There you might enjoy a high-class french menu and get a view of all the fireworks ...

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      Thanks so much for the information. Sounds like a great place to ring in the new year and I will check out your suggestions.

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        Good info. The wife and I have done New Years Eve in Paris, Rome and Malaga, Spain. All were very disappointing as people just weren't out. And in Malaga ALL the bars were closed as well. Why is Vienna so different in this regard?

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          Because Vienna is all about fine living!

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            Is Vienna all about fine living ?? Maybe compared to other cities, but most Viennese will not agree and give dozens of reasons why it is better to live elsewhere ...

            Back to the Syilvesterpfad.

            This event slowly developed over the last 20 years, getting bigger each year. It greatly profits from the Italian tourists who delevoped a crush for Vienna during the last 20 years, and come to Vienna in large groups for Christmas and Easter. Italians behave orderly, are always peaceful and easily entertained, do not drink to much and therefore are the best kind of tourists to have. (God beware we would have Dutch, British or Scandinavian tourists at New Years Eve. Vienna would be a dangerous pace to be at NYE, but fortunately these people at this time of the year are all in Tyrol and Salzburg in the mountain resorts ...)

            So: yes. Vienna is the place to go for New Years Eve.