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Sep 28, 2011 02:53 AM

Christmas Day dinner in Prague

We arrive in Prague on Christmas morning and are staying at the Hilton Prague. I want to be sure we have reservations for dinner that evening and have contacted some of the restaurants mentioned on this forum but have not yet had any responses.

Would anyone have any ideas or suggestions on where I can get this type of info? Is there a local online guide similar to the Time Out's where I can do some more research?

We are not interested in the heavy Czech cuisine at all and have looked at Sancho and Bellavista as two options. I will try calling if I cannot get a reply to my emails and am also in touch with the hotel concierge though their email has been down for the past 2 days.


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  1. If open Degustation is as good as it gets, email them on their site.

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      We have a reservation at Degustation. Thank you for the suggestion.

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        And don't shy away from their "traditional" Czech menu because you're concerned about heavy Czech cooking. It's not like that at all. The Czech menu (with Moravian wine pairings) is the way to go.

    2. If the Degustation would be open, it is indeed your best bet. However, I don't think it will, I believe that you'd be stuck to hotel restaurants. Czech cuisine can be heavy but if you go to a good restaurant, you'll taste delicious food without having a stone in your stomach.

      Your hotel is OK foodwise, but it's not the best. Try to get a reservation at the Radisson SAS hotel in the restaurant Alcron. They serve arguably the best fish dishes in Prague, very light and delicious. Four Seasons hotel is changing its chef and might open again for Christmas, but I'mnot sure. The new chef will focus on light Czech inspired dishes. From non-hotel restaurants, V Zatisi might be open during Christmas. They usually have some sort of seasonal menu.

      Reservations to any restaurants are usually made by phone so I suggest calling the restaurants in stead of sending e-mails. Also, most places would have some Christmas traditionnal dishes. For Christmas Eve, we usually eat carp, either deepfried or poached in a sauce, with potato salad. Fish soup is also traditionnal. Very traditionnal are little cookies from shortcrust pastry that are eaten after the meal during the entire holiday season. On Christmas Day, we usually eat duck with cabbage and dumplings, German style white sausage or Wienerschnitzel, so all a bit heavier staples.


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        Degustation is indeed open and we have a reservation for Christmas evening. They were very responsive via email as were a few of the other restaurants I was able to contact. I did call a few but the person answering the phone in all but one did not speak much English nd my German was not very useful either.

        I appreciate your descriptions of the traditional holiday dishes served as it helps to know what to look forward to. And I will check out the holiday menus at the hotel restaurants you suggest as well.

        We very much look forward to our first visit to Prague!

        1. re: caviargal

          Caviargal - any chance of a report back. We are looking at Prague for a Christmas break and DCM's recomendations are usually spot on. Keen to know how Christmas was.

          1. re: PhilD

            Sorry but have not been on this forum for awhile.

            We ended up having dinner at our hotel on Christmas Eve as we were exhausted after traveling all day and our reservation was for a late meal.

            The next night we had a very good dinner with nice bottle of wine on Christmas Day at Ambiente Pasta Fresca <>. Really fresh fish, hand made pasta dishes and good wine list.

            We were only in Prague two nights so did not have the chance to check out more restaurants but we are headed back in November for several days and looking forward to it as we really enjoyed our short stay.

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              Thanks - what made you drop Degustation?

              1. re: PhilD

                As I stated, we arrived in Prague after a very long day of travel and our reservation was for 8:30pm. It was raining and we just decided to take the easy way out and stay in the hotel that night for dinner. Our stay was too short to reschedule.