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Sep 28, 2011 12:49 AM

Can you freeze left over cheese pizza?

We had an entire pizza left over from a good Italian mom and pop cafe that's too good to toss, but after two days of eating pizza, I'm done.
Have any of you had luck freezing left over pizza? There are no toppings on it- just your basic cheese and tomato sauce.
Include how you wrapped it when freezing and how long you expect it to stay palatable if yo can.

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  1. I would go for it. Wrap each slice in wax paper and then put the slices in a ziploc bag. Wrap in wax paper so that you can easily pull out one slice. Freeze. Good for a few months?

    Now, as far as reheating, I've only done this from refrigerated, not frozen. I reheat my pizza in a frying pan, with a lid, on the stove. This recreates an oven on your stovetop. So it might take longer but I would still use the frying pan method. Never, ever, nuke pizza. Microwaves are not made for baked goods-they get gummy.

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      I agree, very freezable, well wrapped, will keep for a few months frozen, defrost for 15 minutes or so, reheat in frying pan, lid on, stove top. This allows the crust bottom to crisp and the cheese to remelt without burning. Never in the MW.

    2. We occasionally make a pilgrimage to NYC and often times bring back 2 or 3 pies (its a 6 hour trip). Usually one to eat, one to give away, and one to freeze.
      The wife puts the slices into a ziplock - not packed in tight, but stacked comfortably to close the bag (no wax paper - they come apart just fine).
      To re-heat, she'll defrost either in the fridge or on the counter, then as pdx describes, in a frying pan, covered, real low.

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          Not much from Brooklyn, but...
          Up to now, our NYC culinary trips are always centered around Manhatten. I'm certain you could spend a lifetime exploring various facets here, but after perhaps 20 trips, we are getting satisfied. We're getting curious to nose around the outer borroughs, *especially* Brooklyn for many reasons (pizza and much more).
          Back to the pies: not any place in particular as it depends on how we're set up at departure time. If we're rushed, it might be something generic like Pronto on the way to the train station. If not rushed with a bit of planning, it might be be more cliched like Bleeker St. or John's. If we happened to take our car (which we don't anymore) we'd make a special side trip to wherever we hadn't tried previously.

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            We do have some great pizza in BK, among other things. When you are ready to explore more here, let me know, and beyond me, many CH Brooklynites will have plenty of suggestions.

      1. I have 2 young kids so I attend a million events and birthday parties with lots of pizza. Leftovers freeze beautifully. I wrap individual slices in foil, then freeze. My husband works from home so he often will eat it for lunch. Unwrap and put in the toaster oven, straight from freezer, on bake for about 10 minutes at 350 and it's as good as new.

        1. Thanks, everyone for your suggestions. I'll go ahead a freeze some of the left over then, and wrap up individual slices. Funny, I always reheat them in a fry pan! I saw it on Food network once - I think it was Tyler Florence who showed it as a good way to reheat pizza. I don't use a lid, though usually the pizza is plain so the bottom heat is enough.
          If there are toppings, I usually put it under the broiler for a few seconds and that does the job.

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            The way you learned it has credibility. I heard it from a friend and was kind of skeptical until I tried it. Yay, it works great!

          2. "Include how you wrapped it when freezing and how long you expect it to stay palatable if you can."
            Properly wrapped, it'll keep in the freezer quite a while. Certainly long enough to handle your next craving for pizza. The key is "proper" wrapping. Pre-wrap in waxed paper is OK, as long as you:
            1. Use a VERY GOOD quality plastic freezer bag to store the individual pieces
            2. Get every bit of air out of the bag (vacuum pack is best) before freezing.