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Sep 27, 2011 11:03 PM

Anyone remember the Prime Rib Sandwich place at Agincourt Mall that closed?

They had - bar none - the best prime rib sandwich I've ever had. It was a cafeteria-style joint in the mall and we used to go all the time when I was a kid. Amazing price too, I think just before it closed (maybe 7-10 yrs ago?) it was only about $8. This for 2 or 3 cuts of thicks slabs of juicy high-quality prime rib (they sometimes gave you the rib), with just the right amount of fat...with the bun dipped in the most amazing au jus. Place was a bit of a dive so that's why it was so shocking they had such an amazing sandwich (none of this shaved beef crap). I still get cravings for it...seriously it was better than the Harbour 60 version.

Does anyone know what happened to the place, did it move? There's some sort of full-service restaurant there now, would it still have the prime rib of the place before it? And if (sob) the place is really gone, does anyone have recommendations where I can get another juicy prime rib sandwich like that? (again not talking about the shaved stuff)

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  1. i do but i'm stuck too - don't know what happened and never found a comparable replacement to stop the jonesing

    1. It is called Orchid Garden Deli. Best prime rib sammos ever!

      Has it closed?!?! What??

      I haven't been to Agincourt Mall in a good 5 years, but last time I was there it was still open. If they are indeed open I cannot see them taking that off the menu.

      They are still listed on the Agincourt Mall website:

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      1. re: magic

        Called the number. They're still open.

        1. re: Brain of J

          Thanks!! I'll call and see if they're still serving the prime rib.

          eatsalot2, what makes you say they closed??

          1. re: magic

            Thanks everyone for the replies, super helpful! So glad it's still there. Magic, I thought it was closed because last time I made a pilgrimage there (years back) they had this full-serve restaurant in its place. Now I know it's the same place, this Orchid Garden Deli, just renovated and full-service instead of caf-style.

            1. re: eatsalot2

              Phew, don't scare me like this!

              Haha, I do thank you for reminding me about Orchid Garden. Since I switched jobs I don't make it there that much. But thanks to you I think it's high time for a return! Hopefully the prime rib is still there....

              1. re: magic

                I called. They still have the prime rib. $9.32 with taxes for the sandwich.

                They also do meals, with rice and/or potatoes, and salad I think.

                Open weekends.

                1. re: magic

                  Awesome what a deal still. Gotta love Scarberia...I'll make the hour trek this worth it! Thx

                    1. re: magic

                      Please report back after your visits....I've walked by that place numerous times and never thought it was a hidden gem.

                      1. re: T Long

                        Will do!

                        I haven't been in like 6 years but when I worked in the area I remember it being fantastic. Was always a treat.

                        Basic, but ever so good. You should try!

                        1. re: magic

                          I was in the area today and stopped in to check it out after this post piqued my curiosity, tho I generally stay away from this mall because of the Walmart. This place looks like a gem, maybe because it's cafeteria style. But it was busy, not expensive relative to the usual food-service outlets and the food looked, dare I say, real. There was a medium-looking prime rib sitting there on display ready for carving. Too bad I'd just eaten...

                          1. re: neighborguy

                            Oh this place is indeed a gem. Beyond the prime rib I have no idea what their food is like - I never strayed beyond the prime rib sammo. But that item alone makes this place a gem. At least when I ate there way back when…..

                            1. re: magic

                              I went today and had it for the first time in probably a decade. I think they might cut it just slightly less thick than in the past, but otherwise, still as amazing as ever. The moist juicy meat, the amazing au jus - such a winner. If this was some hipster haunt DT, the price would probably be double. I'll be back soon

                              1. re: eatsalot2

                                Excellent! Thanks for the report eatsalot2!!

                                Will be going very soon.