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Sep 27, 2011 07:57 PM

Chao Zhou in Madison Hts has its grand opening this Thurs--supposedly [DTW]

jjspw's dumpling find is due to open this Thursday (delays possible of course): Chao Zhou on John R at 13&1/2 Mile in Madison Hts. Please post if you get there first. It is next to "Fuji" Chinese Market.

If gan isn't on a 36hr shift at the hospital he might beat me there, but that's a good thing since he can report on Chinese dumplings from a more experienced perspective than can I.

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    1. stopped bye to get some roast duck yesterday in the fuji mall, restaurant looked unlikely to open this thursday.

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        I stopped by last night as well. For some reason I thought yesterday was Thursday, and I really wanted some dumplings.

        Ended up at Trizest - the pork dumplings with the chile oil were indeed fine. The braised pork belly with potatoes was just OK, the sauce was quite oily.

      2. Went for lunch today (opening Thursday). Quite unremarkable. They have some specials and none of the americanized General Tsao's style stuff, a la carte dim sum and noodle dishes. Friendly people but just another cantonese place for me.

        1. Finally got around to eating here. went for lunch of sunday morning, and it was pleasantly packed with non-english speaking Chinese folks.

          Like any good Vietnamese boy, I feel that all weekend breakfasts should start with a bowl of noodle soup. I asked what their "best" one was and the waitress immediately pointed to the cambodian noodle soup. I didn't click two and two together at that point so I ordered it and an side of Xiao long bao.

          XLB: ooooook. There was SOME juices in the middle, but it wasn't like overflowing with succulent broth. Normally I like it where you scald yourself with every dumpling. The meat filling was tasty enough and reasonably moist. The wrapper was kinda thick though. Edible, order it again? Only if I'm really fiending. Having said that, probably the better XLB I've had here in SE-MI unless someone can point me in a better direction. Kim's (Novi), Best China, Trizest, all terrible.

          My Cambodian noodle dish: Its just their version of what vietnamese peopl call Hu tieu. Watch anthony bourdain's trip to cambodia and its the stuff he rants and raves over. And having grown up in a city with a large Khymer population, this noodle soup was only meh. If you wanna try a much better rendition go to Pho Que Huong and order their Hu Tieu Kho with glass noodles. Their broth was clean tasting and didn't leave me parched from msg or salt. but it was kinda flat. Not the deep tasty porky goodness its supposed to have. No side dishes of bean sprouts and lime garnish. tsk, tsk. Meats were meh. three shrimp, a few slices of bbq pork, two fish balls, and maybe one spoonful of ground pork. It lacked MOST importantly, the sign of true greatness in a Hu Tieu place, is that they serve your dish wish a side of a big honking femur to gnaw on. If you ever go to LA or long beach, do yourself a favor and look up a place called Battambang.

          Would I go back? surprisingly yes. I was looking around and the other dim sum dishes looked decent enough for me to give it a whirl. More importantly, some of the rice dishes looked really good. Some excellent "peasant" chinese food I suspect is to be had there. Just have to order out of your comfort zone.


          Que Huong Restaurant
          30820 John R Rd, Madison Heights, MI 48071

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          1. re: donbui82

            so is this a chinese run place or a vietnamese/cambodian run place?

          2. Went back.

            Much better noodle dish this time. I had the spicy Taiwanese beef noodle dish. It was very yummy. Good flavors, excellent pieces of meat, balanced broth.

            Had a side of Har Gow. Good. I give it a 8/10.

            I will be a regular.


            p.s. its a pure chinese place. I didn't sense any taint from other cultures.