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Sep 27, 2011 07:03 PM

Shopping for a new Range - Gas, induction, or electric. Special case. Need Advice!

So, we just bought a new house (YAY!!) and the range that comes with the house is pretty old and definitely needs to be replaced. I've spent the last 3 days researching and now I'm at a crossroad. Which way do I go??

Here's our situation:
We plan on using the current kitchen and only making some minor changes. Then in about 10yrs we plan on demolishing the whole thing and building our dream kitchen.

My first thought was to go gas. I've never cooked with gas b/f and thought this was a great way to test whether or not we'd like it enough to fork over the big bucks when we remodel and buy that 6 burner (minimum) range. So if we went gas, we'd buy a 4 burner range BUT, have to put a gas line into the kitchen b/c it's set for electric. This is gonna be a bit of work since the basement is finished and they decided to forgo the drop down ceiling (ACK!) Soooo....that's gonna be a bit messy but, we could do it! We have the people who could help and the time b/f moving in.

Then I started reading up on induction and WOW, I was almost pretty much sold, until I tried to find ranges where we live. So we're in Canada, no biggie but, man alive there's maybe 4 or 5 stores that have them and it's slim pickin's. Lowest price I could find was just under $2K, on sale. That's a little ouch considering I just saw a Bosch 5 burner gas range for $1300 (not on sale).

And now I've come full circle and I'm back to electric. Yup, the old ceramic flat top, "can get by with" range that I've been cooking on for 5 yrs now. (And boy do I HATE cleaning that thing! Grrrr). Thing is, I know they are under $1000. Boooo. I've even contemplated going back to the coil b/c I hate cleaning that thing so much!

So, if you were moving, knew the range had to be replaced, would you go up a few models and buy something pretty decent/nice.. even if you knew you'd be remodeling in about 10yrs and most likely would not use this range in the new kitchen. (Right now, for the dream kitchen, I'm leaning towards a 4 or 5 burner induction cooktop with a single gas burner and a double wall oven....but, that could change!! :)) )

Oh and we wouldn't be breaking the bank spending the $2K for a range. I just don't want it to be a waste of money. Hmm..

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  1. congrats on the new home.
    I don't have advice to offer you. Just a thought. If you're going to get induction - think of how much you will need to invest on pots & pans. If you had invested in good pots & pans in the past - what will you do with them?
    I personally like gas - hmmh - if you have good pots/pans to sell - like LeCreuset - please offer them to me :-)).

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    1. re: knusprig

      LOL. I tested all my pots and they are good to go on the induction cooktop except for 3 frying pans. They are not expensive so no biggie. I have an okay set of lagostina that I don't mind using. But, I'd love to get back into cast iron. That what I grew up on.

      Don't have any LeCreuset but, wouldn't those work on an induction?

      1. re: livetocook

        Yes, they would. Any cast-iron pots and pans will work fine on induction.

    2. I was admittedly in the anything-is-better arena when it came to my ranges, but finally with this house we got a GE Profile dual fuel range, and I couldn't be happier, almost. The range is gas and the oven is electric, and the oven is so so accurate it makes me want to sit down and cry from gratitude. I overcooked a bunch of stuff at first because I couldn't believe that things would bake/roast at that temp for such a short time and be actually done compared to my old oven, but it could, as it turned out. My sis-in-law is a high-end interior designer in a high-end place, and she offered to help us if we redid the kitchen, for which I'm grateful, because it needs it. But I might just keep the range, because it suits us. I would like a jazzed-up gas range, but since we're not looking to sell the house by what the kitchen has, I might just keep the range.

      1. If you buy an outstanding knockout freestanding range now you'll only have to buy once, at today's price too.
        Here's a thread on the topic.

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        1. I love your plan. But you know what? I'm 54 yrs old now. Part young, part old. A lot of things can happen in 10 years. More things than you could possibly imagine.

          I would not "get by" for a period as long as 10 years... Get a gas range if that's what you'll want, and spend the extra several hundred. A drop in the bucket for 10 years. Then you'll know what you want to do for the next renovation.

          Best of luck to you and your family. Enjoy your new house -- enjoy it now and enjoy it down the road when you kick it up a notch!!

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          1. re: woodburner

            Thanks for this woodburner. This has been on my mind too. Hubby and I have really rethought things that are important in our lives especially with a recent scare that my mom's cancer was back (it's not..she's great!). One thing that has changed is we really want to travel. We have one child right now and we want to take her everywhere. So we need time and money for that.

            And another important thing, is our home. I love, love, love, love to cook. I have since I was very young. And hubby has really come on board in that department the ten years we've been together. (Sometimes I just can not get in our kitchen b/c he's in my way!! lol). So it's a huge goal of mine to get what I want when it comes to the kitchen.

            Life is too short. I better decide b/t gas and induction. That s**** electic cooktop can stick it ;)

            1. re: woodburner

              I have to agree, 10 years is a long ways down the road. Some appliance places have demonstrations of the products; find out if there are any you can attend. Check with friends and family, see if you can cook on their stoves, ranges, cooktops ask what they like and don't like about the product. See what works for you and then purchase the best appliance you can afford.

            2. Buy induction.

              Gas would be an option but you have no gas line and would have to have that installed, which means modifications to the house to bring in the line and so forth. The Bosch might be $700 less than an induction range, but you're not figuring in the cost of bringing in the line. In addition, if you don't have a gas line supplying the neighborhood, one will have to be put in. Depending on where you are in Canada, the municipality will charge you for the privilege of ripping up/repairing the street.

              I'm hoping you're dreaming a bit bigger than just the 4-5 hob cooktop and double oven for your dream kitchen. You do have 10 years to make up your mind.

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              1. re: wattacetti

                lol. A bigger cooktop then that may be over doing it but yah, 10yrs is a long time. Hence the fact that I should proabbly get something I'll really like.

                Gas is already to the house, it's used for heating the waterheater and for the furance. Also, when we did the inspection we found the house used to use a gas dryer. (never seen that before). So it's really not that unrealistic to put in a line from the utility room to the spare bedroom and up the floor to where the oven would be. Just have to put a hole in the bulk head in the spare room.

                Although I do have another question, will I need a better hood, if we go gas? I think there's just a standard one in place right now that does vent to the outside. This may be where the extra cost comes in.

                Me thinks we'll be doing some shopping around this weekend, especially at appliance stores where the sales people know the anwsers to these questions (hmmm.. I wonder if the 4 burner Wolf range is still on sale at that one place.)

                1. re: livetocook

                  I'm buying a home and have been researching getting a gas stove. The place has a gas fireplace and water heater at the back. The kitchen is at the front. I felt it could be done fairly easily since the crawlspace is completely accessible.

                  For my area it turns out that the line is the least of it. Pulling the permit opens a can of worms and means having to upgrade to current code (changed 3 years ago) the rest of the lines in this 14 year old dwelling. $1200 -$1600 before purchasing the stove!

                  Ask a lot of questions - I spoke with several companies before I got a total picture of the costs.

                  As much as I want to cook with gas I suspect it is not going to be soon for me. This place is a fixer-upper and there are a great many areas needing work and the budget is modest.

                  1. re: meatn3

                    hmm, very interesting. We have a family member who is a housing inspector, he's been helping us wade through all this unfamiliar territory. My husband also figured it would cost about $200-$450 for putting in the line. He thinks it'll work out. I'll have to touch base with him on all this info just to confirm it won't be a few thouands. Thank you so much for this!

                    1. re: livetocook

                      I hope you area is less convoluted about this than mine.

                      Although this is making my decision on a new range much easier!

                      1. re: meatn3

                        I believe the area is except for the fact we have to put a hole in ceiling of the spare room under the kitchen (most likely the bulk head), which we are OK with b/c it'll be our workout room eventually.

                        Yeah, talked to hubby last night. Looks like it'll be a little more involved and perhaps cost more money wise to get this line in. I started looking at induction again and told him we could go that way if it'll be easier, although I'd prefer the 50amp breaker go in.

                        He stopped me in my tracks and said, "no. I want gas" Sigh, this man knows me well. I really, really want the gas and I wasn't sure if he wanted to tackle this. If his mind is set, it's gonna happen! :)))

                        1. re: livetocook

                          You are a lucky lady! A future with a gas stove AND a sweetheart of a husband!