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Sep 27, 2011 03:02 PM

Newest obsession - Staub Teal

So, I need a new pan like a hole in the head but I'm convinced that I need something in this glorious teal color. I've got some turquise fiesta ware and I feel like that probably justifies it ;)

Anyway, onto the important things - what size to get? I've got a 7.25 qt french oven and a 5 qt braiser (LC). I've also got a 5 3/4 qt soup pot in copper so I'm hoping for not too much overlap. The Teal comes in a 2.5 qt and 4 qt and a 5.5 quart. There are also ovals but I've got a bit of an aversion to ovals.

Any thoughts (and further justication) would be appreciated!

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  1. I'd probably get the 5.5 qt. It's the size I use most in LC. I would only buy one, btw. Who knows what color is going to come calling next year.

    Speaking of justification by color, do you have any Fiesta Persimmon? It's the complementary color for Turquoise.

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    1. re: Jay F

      I'm really a color phobe - my LC is black (although Caribbean tugs at my heart strings).

      I'm not a fan of persimmon - I prefer a truer color (less brown tones). I really wish there was a true coral. I have some indigo. But, surprise, surprise, my main dishes are white!

      I'm SO boring! Coral and aqua are my two favorite colors though :)

    2. We've got the 2.5 qt, 5.5 qt, and 8.75 qt. Staub cocottes and the small 2.5 qt braiser. We definately use the 5.5 qt the most. The 2.5 is great for sides, and maybe small batches for one or two, the larger 8.75 gets used when we are making large batches so we can put some in the freezer. Although the 5.5 qt would be the same size as your copper pot, that's the one we use the most often. One of our daughters just asked for a 2.5 qt, but I don't know exactly what she hass in mind to cook in it. All that said, the 4 qt might give you the most diversity given what you already have. Good luck!

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      1. re: mikie

        Thank you - I'm probably not really need of another one. I'm just in love with that teal color! Hopefully I can check one out over the weekend and get a better feel. You'll have to update us on what your daughter is using hers for (that is if she gets it)!